• Holden just rules

    Yeah nah yeah Holden is just clearly the best of the best they have created the best V8 engines ever created ( most of which Chevy has stolen in their corvettes) but Holden is just clearly better. And I just know for a fact that Holden is clearly the best mate! And so is Toyota

  • Holden is clearly the best

    My family has gone for Holden for over 40 years and we will never change. And you have to admit, The best racing driver in history has been Holden. Peter Brock. He is the most known race car driver in Australia and is always going to be. Holden is also the most Aussie thing you can get apart from thongs.

  • Holden ALWAYS wins

    Ford make unreliable engines. Holden’s engines are reliable. Holden’s marketing is less complicated and just better. They advertise less, (less annoying) and holden has always been more “aussie” than ford. Holden’s won a hell of a lot more than ford in the V8 supercars. Not to mention, MCM even says that holden is THE BEST.

  • I tend to like both of these brands.

    While Holden may be a subsidiary of General Motors, I do like what GM has made over the years and I do like some of what Ford has built. Overall though I may lean towards Holden mainly due to their parent company whose older cars I tend to like quite a bit.

  • Ford all the way!!

    Yea nah ford is way better aye, nah like there was only one holden car me family had that I actually liked and it wasn't even fully holden... It was also Toyota aye so yea and ford cars just feel and look better and don't brake down all the time like Holdens do.

  • No, Ford is much better.

    It is in my opinion that Ford is much better then Holden. Ford has been around for a long period of time and is well known all around the world. Much more known then Holden. This is why I would choose Ford over Holden in almost all cases and instances.

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