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  • No, it shouldn't

    The burqa and niquab if they're being worn to express one's religion are garments of faith. They may be strange to many of us who aren't Muslim, but that's not a reason to ban them. Freedom of religion is precious and Holland should recall it's own roots in fighting for religious freedom. Freedom of religion also means freedom from religion, so you can't force someone to adopt your chosen faith.

  • I don't think Holland should ban clothing.

    Holland should not ban clothing. People should be able to wear whatever they want.However I don't live in Holland. I live in America. Whatever the Dutch government decides is best for their people is what will be law and will have to be followed. However, there are things people can do in that country if they disagree with any laws.

  • No, Holland should not legalize a ban on the burqa and niqab.

    No, Holland should not pass pending legislation that bans the burqa and the niqab. It is my belief that everyone has the right to freely express their religious beliefs. Banning these outward signs of the Muslim faith constitutes unwarranted persecution. It serves no purpose but to increase discord and negative relations between Muslims and the rest of the western world.

  • They have to stay legal.

    Holland shouldn't ban the burqa and the niqab, because the people who wear them have the choice to wear them. Is it much different if someone walks down the street with a cross around her neck? What about in a Spiderman costume? Ultimately, as long as the dress isn't showing body private parts, a person should choose how they want to dress.

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