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  • No, every country should have freedom of religion.

    Freedom of religion is what makes countries diverse and modern. Banning the burka is insulting and limiting to Muslim women. and shouldn't be outlawed anywhere in the world. Many Muslims are decent and hard-working people, and you can't judge all of them say they're all bad because that's not fair to the good Muslims.

  • People should live free.

    To live free means to be able to make a choice. A woman that is forced to wear a burqa is not free. Neither is a woman who is not allowed to wear a burqa if she wants to. A person should have whatever choice they make. There should be some exceptions for public safety, like driver's license photos, if a woman wants to drive.

  • That is a violation of human rights.

    The debate surrounding banning clothing items like the burqa has been on the rise lately. I do not believe that a country should be able to ban the burqa. By enacting laws to ban a clothing item, a country is violating human rights and a person's rights as an individual. People should be allowed to dress in whatever they feel is right for them without outside influences interfering.

  • A slippery slope

    Banning a form of religious garb is hypocritical, especially since a large aspect of Islamophobia in many western countries is the perceived repression in Muslim dominated countries. To ban the burqa would simply be instituting the same degree of prejudice, but under the pretense of keeping a country white or whatever. Don't do it!

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