• I agree we forget pop stars too quickly.

    I never heard of Holly Dunn before her death. This is sad because now I know she was part of a historic musical group. People are fickle and only notice what is right in front of us or what affects us immediately. We seek instant gratification and if something is out of sight it is out of mind.

  • The world of pop culture is about what is new and now.

    Many pop stars and icons see their rise to fame, only to fade into obscurity as the years go on. While sad, it is the nature of pop culture. Pop culture is all about the new and the now. For many stars, once their moment in the spotlight has passed, they are immediately replaced by someone new and quickly forgotten.

  • No we don't

    I disagree with this. It is not true to say that we forget pop stars too quickly. Holly Dunn having died at the age of 59, does not mean that we will forget him so soon. He still reins in his song. This actually means that every time we listen to one of his songs, we will always remember him.

  • There are many pop stars.

    No, we do not forget pop stars too quickly, because there are so many pop stars. Many stars today sell themselves on showmanship rather than on their musical ability. People like all different types of music so it's not reasonable to expect every person to know about all different types of stars.

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