• Hollywood has both negative and positive impacts on the people.

    Negative in the sense that it may set a wrong example for youngsters.
    Youngsters these days easily get influenced by movies that they see and in most cause, Its the violence that is shown in the movies that affect them. Some movies are just too violent and may even seem right in the eyes of a teenager. (this might cause violence between them. )

    At the same time, There are also certain movies that influence and cultivate good moral values in the students. Like seeing someone who persists and not willing to give up and in the end finally manages to achieve what they wanted, Does sometimes make the mind set of the teenager to change in good ways.

  • Yes they are

    They are running out of ideas because I said so. Why the word minimum anyway? Is this really necessary? Did these words really contribute anything? I just basically wasted my time explaining to you why I didn't need a supporting argument instead of giving one. I hope you are happy.

  • Reboot. Remake. Repeat-qual.

    Hollywood, (their executives that is) aren't running out of ideas. The truth is they're afraid. Very Afraid.
    Fresh ideas come coupled with RISK, and it is that very knowledge that compels them to make the "smart/safe" choice.
    Movie audiences are guilty as well, people are afraid of change, this is true for anyone whether you're investing $15 on a ticket or $150 million producing it.
    The fact is both parties, the audience and the films producers, want a higher return for their involvement.
    Hollywood is a business, you don't have to like the model, but if you want to succeed you'd better learn how to play ball.

  • Yes they are

    Because ...... .... .... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .. ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Quantity Over Quality!

    In my own opinion Hollywood is like they can't try nor will they give it all there best and it's like there are more remakes, reboots, and rip offs of foreign and independent films that most would never care about if only Americans gave them a chance.

    If I can read a book I can read a film and it doesn't bother me at all so why do most ignore this and I know most want to see what's going on the screen but I still don't get it at all it's like if Hollywood is gradually dying over the years if they keep going like this in the next decade or two there may be no Hollywood in the future.

    But what I really don't get is popularity it makes no sense at all as most people want big explosions and fast paced films and they think that acting is a hundred or a thousand times better then older movies yeah right and trust me if you were to learn about the history behind how Hollywood does things in today's times your heart would be shatter to pieces if you truly care about how a movie should be made.

    As I see it.

    It shouldn't always be about the money it should be more about how the director and producer should make his or her own way so that he or she can have the rights of what he or she should do it just makes no sense at all and if I became a director myself I would be crying in total shame and by telling them that they need to take a hike and learn what the masters of cinema did back then but rather then taking ideas they should pay respect towards them and try new things of there own not the other way around.

  • It's very unfortunate, to say the least.

    We have remakes, [unneeded] sequels, spin-offs, and unoriginal ideas all the time nowadays. Some movies deserve "makeovers", while others deserve to be left alone. I wouldn't be surprised if Hollywood screws over the cinema industry, since no one will go to theaters to watch crappy movies. If there was a "restart" button to Hollywood, I would push it within a heartbeat.

  • I believe so

    Look at Hollywood now a days. The movies are really changing. It's always reboot, redone, re-imaging.Movies like terminator is great but directors are pushing the limit on how many sequels it can have.

    Bad directors are given more chances than the they really need. While good don't make enough movies. They may make couple of movies in their lifetime then that's it. Look at M Night Shyamalan he continues to fail yet he keeps getting more chances.

    Video games are turning into movies. There has been said to be Mass Effect, Assassins Creed, Need For Speed etc... Movies. It's like they have just given up. There hasn't been any new ideas bouncing around it's if you have good CG then that's all that matters. More movies about superheroes are coming out which is great I love superhero movies. There is one problem They are usually by the same directors. The franchise that are good in the past keep getting rebooted. While worse and worse movies replace them. It's not fun to watch anymore.

    Don't even get me started with Horror Movies. They haven't changed for over 10-15 years it's always the same bad acting, it's not scary and it's too boring. It's always about same things popping up. I used to be a great fan of Horror Movies but if you continue the tradition of repeating the same concepts it's just plain pathetic. I know I am not a director but shouldn't we all watch something more refreshing than CRAPPITY or should I say GRAVITY?

  • There has to be more ideas.

    We are always getting sequels, Spinoffs, And remakes, But they always need to stop. Besides, We need new originals, Adaptations, Etc. Etc. Etc. In the future, There should be MORE stuff out there that are adaptations. (Lots of em') In fact, We need to get em' all, But mostly G-rated films.

  • The possibilities are endless!

    If anything, with the growth in the entertainment industry, more and more people will be hired as screenwriters who can bring creative juice to the table. The ideas are infinite and, although there are many remakes and sequels like Star Wars, movies like Get Out have been definitely on the creative side and Get Out was rated one of the top ten movies of all time according to Rotten Tomatoes!!!!!

  • Theirs still loads of ideas out there

    I can think of 20 more moves in my head they just cant bother any more
    to right it all down. Also they a move what people are gonna talk about for years but they know they not going to get that so its just how
    much of a grape head there being

  • There are plenty of ideas but they can't be bothered!

    Hollywoods main goal is to make money so they are more intrested in ideas that are unoriginal and safe than original and risky. This means that we get more reboots and sequels because they are a lot more likely to be successful. Original films today are becoming more indie because the people making this are less bothered about money but they want original and good movies

  • Plenty of new ideas, why do we keep going to remakes/sequels

    The Hollywood Studios will continue to make reboots and sequels if we continue to only go to these movies. Great original movies like the Immitation Game, Wild, Locke, Whiplash are there but none are over $ 25 million at the box office this year. It's not Hollywood's fault that the multiplexes are only full for Superhero 26.

  • Hollywood rarely had many big ideas to begin with.

    Hollywood represents a large of the film industry. This would be the action films and big blockbusters. It doesn't represent the entire film industry however. Hollywood (mainly Warner Brothers, 20 century fox, and Universal), is a place where people go to make money. The films often produced by hollywood many years ago were just as uncreative and lacking of ideas as they are today. The only difference was, they only had books back then.

    The only reason why people claim hollywood is less creative is because everything is a remake or reboot or adaptation or sequel now. Well, I'm sorry to tell you, but the only reason hollywood wasn't doing as many remakes back in the 80s and 90s is because they didn't have anything other than books to remake. If anything, the expansion to video games and older films represents more ideas than there used to be.

    But, none of these are more important than the fact that hollywood isn't a creative place.
    "But, there used to be so many creative and original films!"
    Well, there still are creative and original films that come out nowadays, but they're indipendent films. They're not hollywood, and although most may have big name actors, they're not exactly going to make as much as a hollywood film. More importantly, this was also where all the original and creative films came from in the 80s and 90s.

    Pulp Fiction, Clerks, Fargo, The Big Lebowski, Being John Malkovich, Magnolia, Good Will Hunting, American Psycho. These are some of the most well known cult classic films. THEY'RE ALL INDIE FILMS. But these ones managed to crack the surface. So many indie films go unnoticed, because everyones too busy drooling as Michael Bay films. The same was still the case in the 90s, only instead of Michael Bay it was James Cameron. Oh yeah, and The Terminator was also indie.

    And even speaking for hollywood, is everyone completely ignoring the animated film industry? The animated films these days couldn't be more creative, or original.

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