Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein targets gun owners in new propaganda film. Will it be successful?

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  • Producer Harvey Weinstein Makes Millions on Gun Violence, Now Targets NRA!

    The Killing Gene, Rambo, Kill Bill series, Django, Inglorious Basterds, The Intouchables, Zombie Diaries, Diary of the Dead, My Enemy’s Enemy, Scream, Halloween, Only God Forgives, Dragon, and the list goes on and on.
    I am sick and tired of Hollywood Producers and their liberal actors that have made their millions making violent gun flicks then turn right around and forget the very movies that they produced and acted in and piously wag their fingers at the NRA, law abiding gun owners, gun manufacturers and blame the guns they use in their movies for the violence in the new.

    Congratulations, you liberal genius, you are going to make a movie that will irritate close to 10 million concealed carry armed Americans, not including the law abiding multi-millions of legal gun owners. We saw how pissing off and pushing around the “Bitter Bible Clingers, that Cling to their Guns and Bibles” worked so well for the profits of A&E and Cracker Barrel, so you go right on ahead and make your little movie, and let’s see what pushing around the Constitutional Second Amendment gun toting patriots will do to your wallet.

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