Hollywood Protests Effective: Are Attacks from Hollywood Liberals Getting to Trump?

  • Of course they are

    Of course these attacks are getting to Trump. You can tell by the way he reacts on Twitter. When someone offends Donald Trump, he gets his thumbs running and throw a Twitter tantrum. It's happening more and more often, and eventually I think the man is going to break and make a total fool of himself.

  • Yes, they are

    Trump's reactions to criticism from Hollywood stars show he is definitely bothered by it. He lashes out on Twitter in the middle of the night rather than ignoring them or responding in a dignified way. I think the liberals in Hollywood know this and deliberately criticize him to get a reaction that makes him look foolish.

  • Hollywood Protests Don't Bother Trump

    The protests in Hollywood are ineffective in influencing Trump. Trump does not seem to care what people think about him, and will do what he wants to do to make America great again no matter what some liberal Hollywood protesters think. Trump is very strong and he will do what he feels is best for America no matter what some people say.

  • They're playing into his hands

    The Hollywood elite are spending too much time ranting about Trump, and that falls right into his hands. He loves being the center of attention, and he loves to mock his enemies. The Hollywood elite are an easy target because they don't know what real life is any more than Trump does. By keeping this bickering war going, Trump gets a stronger base of support.

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