Hollywood sign altered to read 'Hollyweed' by vandal. If caught, should this person be charged with misdemeanor trespassing?

  • Hollywood sign vandalism is still a crime

    The person or persons who changed the iconic "Hollywood" sign to read "Hollyweed" is certainly clever and has a sense of humor that is appreciated by many people. However, their act is still vandalism of property that is not their own and they should be charged with misdemeanor trespassing at a minimum.

  • Vandalism is vandalism

    Supposedly, this act was based on a joke that a student did around 40 years ago. 40 years ago, the sign was changed and the student got an 'A' in his class. In this digital age, where drug taking leads to addiction, pictures are shared around the world and this was done as more than a joke, a harsher punishment is needed.

  • It's important to show some deterrent

    Although the Hollywood sign gets messed with all the time, it's important to show that there are consequences to the action, even if it is a mostly harmless prank. Misdemeanor trespassing sounds right in line with the crime that took place and is a reasonable charge to pursue if the vandal is caught.

  • It was a funny prank.

    The prank on the Hollywood sign didn't hurt anything. They didn't damage anything they just put a black tarp over one part of the sign and then they put up new white parts so it spelled different words. Authorities probably had it cleaned up in five seconds. They should work on more important matters.

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