Home-cooked food (yes) or eating out (no)?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Food made at home, with love, is superior and as fresh as gold

    I mean that. Outside food is pretty much like McDonald's. YUCK! Almost all of it. Home cooked food is the best. It keeps your spirits up. And the best of all, it's made with love. Can there possibly be anything better than that? :) Nothing beats a nice meal cooked at home.

  • It's much more healthier

    I'd rather stay at home and cook my own food than to go out and eat food deep-fried in recycled oil and eat MSG filled food. When I cook my own food, I know exactly what I put in my food and I can make some adjustments to my liking.

  • Increase knowledge of food and savor our food

    INCREASE YOUR KNOWLEDGE:food is much more than just something that fills up your stomach. What you eat can heal, Cause sickness, Or even inflict pain. Cooking your own meals can teach you what foods to satisfy your favour.
    SAVOR YOUR FOOD:the physical act of preparing your own meal will lead to a new found appreciate for the food you consume. This is very important since mindless munching and emotional eating can contribute to unhealthy weight gain because you're not fully conscious of the foods you're eating. That's all from me.

    Posted by: yorn
  • Make sure our food is clean

    We don't know what type of the materials of food that we ate. We can get a stomach if we are going to eat at the restaurant. We need to make sure that our food that we ate is cleaning. If we want our family be healthy, We must eating at our home. That's all from me.

  • Home cooked food is always better.

    Home cooked food allows you to control what goes inside the food you are eating, how cooked it is, and how healthy it is for you. The flavor is in your control, and you do not have to worry about where the cooks hands have been since it is your own cooking.

  • Why is this one or the other?

    Most people do both- cook at home and eat out. What I prefer to do depends on what I wish to eat, how much time I have, and whether I want to put in the amount of work (I don't, for example, want to spend all evening in the kitchen on my birthday).
    While I certainly prefer in MOST cases to eat at home, it is partially because cooking is a hobby of mine and I take it pretty seriously. There are plenty of people whose homes I would NOT want to eat in because they have no skill in cooking. Nor do many of them WANT or CARE to have such a skill- not everyone needs to be a great cook. It's why the restaurant industry is such a vast one- many people either don't have time or just plain don't like cooking.

  • I support home cooked food.

    There are several reasons for my support of home cooked food. One is that it is cheaper than eating out typically. Another reason is that a lot of times it is healthier and a lot of times it is even tastier :). I'm use to eating at home mostly because of the lack of money but I love home cooked food.

  • Home-Cooked Is Best!!!

    Eating out is getting more expensive. The quality of the meal is diminishing. Menus sound more like science experiments than dinner. Many servers have little ability to be courteous let alone provide service. In some of the finest restaurants, I've seen wait staff who have little knowledge of basic etiquette. It's all pretty disappointing. When money will spend anywhere, you would think a little more consideration would be involved. Holidays seem to be the worst. Or, maybe, patrons just have their hopes too high? My hubby & I have a few tried and true restaurants for special occasions, if we dine out. But 95% of the time, we prefer dining at home!

  • If money was no object...

    Most -decent- restaurants hire experienced chefs that respect the craft, meaning that they not only know how to cook, they also adhere to proper safety precautions. Cooking is as much a science as it is an art. An experienced chef knows that the "secret" to great food are great ingredients. They combine the science with the art and produce food that is vastly superior to the food an untrained home cook could ever dream of producing.

    If I was filthy rich, I would never eat home cooked food.

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abyteofbrain says2013-12-14T02:11:25.907
I know enough about cooking, that for me, home cooked is far superior in every way. However, there are a lot of terrible cooks in this world, and some very unsanitary people.
Adam2 says2013-12-14T02:20:45.283
I still prefer a cook who's not the best over McDonald's anything
Bad home cook: I'll feel unsatisfied, but at least it's not disgusting
McDonald's: filled up with garbage and I wanna puke.
And it happened to me before!