Home Depot confirms months-long hack: Is your credit card information ever truly safe?

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  • Credit cards never safe

    No if course your credit car information is never truly safe at all. I do not think that the Internet and all of these devices that we use on a day to day basis are safe. They have been proven to be unsafe from hackers countless of times. There are always going to be hackers.

  • No, consumer credit card information is never truly safe

    Over the last few years, there have been so many computer hacks leading to the theft of consumer credit card information that it is impossible to even keep track at this point. On top of this, it is frightening to consider how many more leaks may have also occurred either without being discovered, or without being publicly announced by the company in question. The takeaway from all of this is that the vast majority of companies clearly aren't taking these issues seriously enough, and would rather continue to get by with inadequate security measures than spend the money and resources required to truly address the problem.

  • No, I dont feel safe.

    No, I don't feel safe.I don't think credit card info is truly safe anymore anywhere in this world at all. I think people know how to do so much with computers that it just impossible to keep things from getting to the hackers. I think there needs to be more reform involved.

  • Our information is not safe

    Our information is not safe, as long as it is stored in electronic form. Hackers make a point of disrupting other people's security, so they come up with any means they can of breaking into the systems. I really just want to go back to writing everything down on pencil and paper. At least it isn't electronic then.

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