Home Depot Credit Card Breach: Should we have pin numbers with our credit cards, like in Europe?

  • already have pin numbers i thought

    we have pin numbers with our credit cards already i thought!, at least with my debt card i have a pin number to use it, i have also seen the card with the pictures of the person on the card itself, hackers are gaining more and more access everyday to info

  • Absolutely a great solution to stop or at least reduce credit card theft.

    Just about a month ago someone broke into my car and stole my wife's wallet. We found out the next day when almost $1,000 was gone from our account. If there were a pin attached to the card, the guy wouldn't have been able to use so much. The only downfall would be at fast food places they don't use a pin even if its a debit card it automatically goes through as credit. That should also change so that you have to enter a pin at fast food restaurants.

  • Yes a pin with credit cards would help

    If we had pin numbers with each credit card, regarding the breach at home depot, the security of our accounts would be increased. The Europeans have the right idea by using pins with their credit cards. I think that if we were doing this we wouldnt have this issue in the first place

  • It doesnt hurt to have better security.

    Having pin numbers with our credit cards like in Europe wont hurt us, but as a matter of fact create a better sense of security. There is no such thing as being too cautious. I actually believe that having the extra security would make people be at ease and feel more secure.

  • They are more secure.

    Yes, we should have credit pin numbers to use with our credit cards, like they do in Europe, and like they do with debit cards, because that is a way to make credit cards more secure. Debit cards have fewer breaches because of the pin. With a pin, it would not be so easy to sell the information on the internet.

  • Does not stop hackers

    If a hacker hacks into a credit card database, then he/she can still see the pin numbers. It does help though if somebody gets your credit card, but if you lose it you can just freeze it. I think a better system would be that people pay with cash, or use a pin but beef up Internet security. Or perhaps the pins and credit card numbers could be in different databases.

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