Home Depot Financial Data Hacked: Should we go back to using only cash and checks?

  • Back to cash

    I think we should go back to using cash. In my opinion it is the easiest transaction and there is practically know way for a persons cash money to get hacked into and stolen because it is primarily a solid physical object and not virtual or online. It would be safer.

  • No Plastic, Only Paper

    Paper money cannot be tracked and has to be stolen personally. I feel like while there are many thieves, it would be slightly more difficult to be taken in person then electronically. I prefer cash in general, though plastic is more convenient. It may lessen spending if it was actual cash exchanging hands, as you could actually see the money leave your possession.

  • Security of personal information.

    While it is much easier to use a credit card to make purchases, one still wants to know that their personal information is secure. With the number of "hackers" in todays society increasing, businesses should stay up-to-date with maximum security levels. This is the preferred method of payment due to convenience.

  • Until Funds Actually Start Getting Taken, Convenience Will Stay King

    There are way too many benefits to using debit and credit card to go back to cash and checks. Just as much fraud occurs with bad checks, and no business wants to deal with that any longer. Cash would be the preferred option, but things are so much easier in the digital age that no one will want to go back to the old days.

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