Home Depot Information Breach: Is the breach a sign that business like Home Depot should not be encouraging do-it-yourself construction?

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  • No that's ridiculous

    The breech had nothing to do with do-it-yourself construction. I think everyone should be able to fix things at home if they can do so safely and effectively. Why must we all be so dependant on others to get us through? They clearly need to fix their credit card systems, and make sure they have more protection for their customers personal information.

  • I approve of do-it-yourself construction.

    I don't think that Home Depot or any other business that encourages do-it-yourself construction should back away from that business model. There have been a lot of information breaches with businesses lately. I think the focus of these businesses should now be on finding stronger security measures to protect their customer base. However, I don't think that there's anything wrong with encouraging those same customers to do a little home repair or construction.

  • Home Depot should still be encouraging do-it-yourself construction.

    Even with the Information Breach, the people who don't want to pay a professional because they have the skills to get the work done themselves are a big part of Home Depot's business. Yes, the professional contractors make up a decent amount of the business but with the competition from other home improvement stores and other big box stores like Walmart, they need to set themselves apart for this market and offering classes and smaller sized boxes of Nails is how they need to do this.

  • They are not related.

    No, the breach is not a sign that businesses like Home Depot should not be encouraging do-it-yourself construction, because the breach was not related to the fact that people are building themselves. It is true that there are lot of people who hurt themselves doing Home Improvement, but there are also a lot of people who have construction licenses who are frauds and cheats. Do it yourself is fair for those who want it.

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