Home Depot investigating 'massive' hack: Are hackers getting more dangerous?

  • Yes, hackers have become more dangerous.

    As technology evolves, and technology becomes more intertwined in our society. Hackers have more of an ability to do harm on a massive scale. They now have the ability to effect the infrastructure of our society and our every day lives like never before. Back in the day, hacking was done more as a prank and without malicious intent. Now, hackers purposely hack different computer systems to harm others.

  • Hackers getting more dangerous

    Yes I do believe that hackers are getting more and more dangerous. They are realizing that they can gain personal information such as names banks accounts even lately so far as to get nude private pictures of individuals, famous people no doubt. If these so called secure accounts can be breeched nobody is safe online.

  • Hackers are Running Wild

    While most people seem obsessed with hackers getting nude celeb photos, most are ignoring that hackers are stealing their financial data. These hackers are a risk to us individually and systematically. The more they steal, the more credit interest rates and fees will rise to cover these losses. Individuals also risk losing access to credit.

  • Not More Dangerous, Just More Brazen

    Hacking isn't any more dangerous to us than it was last month, last year, or last decade. There are many more hackers out there now, and many more things to hack. The danger was always there, but now hackers are willing to try just about anything. The risk isn't very high of getting caught, so wny not see what can be done?

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