• Manage You life

    Actually thousands of schools manage this type of education knows as E-learning and ir works perfect for many reasons like You can spend more tome with your family friends and social group.

    At the beginnig i Say manage your life because know in this new technology age everyone can be Connected with the rest of the world that means your social group could be giant as You can

  • I say homeschooling is better, And many argue this because they are uneducated on the topic of homeschooling.

    I went to a public school from K-7th grades in a poor school district. While some teachers were good, Others were blatantly not. The school is currently near the bottom of the state, And it was mostly their state testing scores that made me and my family leave. I changed from public school to cyber school. From there, People think I am forced to sit at home and do every lesson I have on my own and that is the end of my day. The truth is, There are live classes in which a class of students are physically taught by a live teacher with live students following along with their real books, Which is just like a classroom from public schools. There ARE extracurricular activities, Clubs, Etc. In fact, Their are so many more activities and clubs in my cyber school compared to my public school. I also get more variation in my classes. For example, In my old school, The two secondary languages I could take were Spanish and French. In my cyber school, We have Spanish, French, Mandarin, German, And Italian. There are the only ones I can remember off of the top of my head. I play JV baseball for my local public school, And I can go play other sports for them if I wanted to. Homeschooling tends to cut the class clown out of the picture, Erases the distraction from friends, And eliminates the excess rambling, Meaning school days tend to finish early, Leaving me extra time to do whatever I want. I have friends from my old public school that I still stay in touch with and invite over or out to do something, And I can make new friends from the cyber school. All in all, Most people are uneducated in the area of homeschooling options, And associate home schooled children with hermits and anti social people. The truth is, We have more opportunities than most students, And more free time on our hands. Public schools are okay, But I prefer homeschooling.

  • Homeschooling is better

    Obviously it is not practical for most people to homeschool, But homeschooling is better than going to public school. In public school everyone receives the same 'one size fits all' education, Whereas homeschoolers can choose a curriculum and learning style that works for them. If you are homeschooled, You are not required to take useless classes that don't apply to you. For instance, If you identify as a robot, You will not be forced to take sex-ed if you are homeschooled.

  • Public School for sure!

    For many, Homeschooling may seem to be a solution for many of the issues of conventional public school some may have. However, It is not to say homeschooling should be valued over public schooling. In public school there are so many more opportunities otherwise unavailable to homeschooled kids. A prominent example are clubs and competitions. These are free and healthy communities in which children can learn and express themselves with others who share the same interests. In addition, School provides children with a social life in which effective communication, Which is a crucial life skill, Could be learned.

  • Homeschooling makes you antisocial

    Homeschooled people have way fewer friends and go to way fewer parties than people in public schools. They also won't be able to do school sports, Etc. As much as I hate public schools, It's just that homeschooling is a terrible option and will most likely make you antisocial yeah.

  • Public School is better

    Public School is much more better than homeschool because you get be more hands-on in activities for different class subjects like chemistry or art. While in homeschool you only get to do the work online and not actually interact with student groups and have fun at the same time while you learn new things! I myself have experienced having online classes through my computer and it is kind of boring, And honestly I prefer having my classes in public school.

  • Face to face the real way to learn

    Even in this times of lockdown due coronavirus, Some public schools are working virtually teachers and students are trying to continue with everything, Teacher intent to keep objectives, Activities, Information to provide etc, However students, Teachers, Parents, The hole society has been discovering the importance of real contact with others, People is tired of being in front of a screen all day students miss their friends to run and to play with their imagination.
    In conclusion, Public schools have that huge advantage over home school. Due the fact face to face education is irreplaceable.

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DiegoArcoz says2020-05-12T01:13:00.883
Public schools is in sort way a requirement for been a citizen, The you learn in how to correctly afford in to society, In a school you have the opotunity to argue, Socialize, Find friends or clubs int oyour interest. That social learning help you a lot because you are not learning in a isolated way, You also have the support of a shared one that is more productive for the student, Therefore that is not present in home schooling because the child learn to be isolated himself and not shared with others, And that is not viable in a lets say adult office.
JuanCa says2020-05-12T01:30:20.300
Homeschooling can be pricey in a long term, Considering that it is necessary to purchase the newest curriculum and teaching tools can be too expensive. Project materials, Stationery, Books, Computer software, And field trips can imply a large cost.

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