Home Schooling: Do parents have the right to home school their children?

  • Sometimes kids can't be at school.

    I think that parents have a right to home school their kids because my nephew didn't want to read, so he had to redo the first grade. Then he got sick so he will have to redo the first grade again and now he has a home bound teacher because my sister can't become a teacher.

  • It is better

    Kids need to learn better so teach them yourself you will know how the kid best learn by because you are the parent so it is better if you teach them your self Kids might feel better if the parents teach them instead of a stranger But if you cant well too bad so sad

  • I had to

    Public school was not able to keep up with a rigorous gifted education. My child lost all interest in learning and became severely depressed, and the mountain of daily homework was a waste of time for her. We decided to try it, and for subjects I dont feel qualified to teach, we use some online classes and a mix of many formats. She is nearly done with required high school classes (taught with college level materials) at 15 and will be able to spend the next two years in college full time. It is not for everyone, but it was our last hope.

  • Parents Are Best Teachers

    Parents are the first and best teachers of their own children anyway, so homeschooling should be an option for anyone. If public and private schools aren't doing the job, parents have the right to choose how to educate children. Homeschooling is one option as long as children aren't educationally neglected.

  • No, they do not.

    You need the right sort of education to teach children. Certification is a must and you need to know a certain subject area very well. If you home school, there will be a sub par educations achieved. There needs to be a teacher for every subject in school. In high school the subjects are too advanced for one person.

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