• Take time out I revision

    I'm going to start by saying, if someone doesn't want to do homework, they won't. They'll make excuses, and get better at them. It just teaches them to become more skilled liars.

    Then there's the people who care about their marks at school. How can anyone exspect anyone to do a load of homework, and hardcore revise? Whether you pass or fail your exams is ultimately down to how well you revise during te exam. Not how much you do homework- you won't remember the recap homework about that topic you're struggling on in the middle of the exam.

    All it does is teach the people who don't want to work how to lie, and the robs the ones who both want and need to work of valuable ime.

  • Useless, irritating and a waste of time!

    That's me anyway. I have never found homework to be of any benefit. If I'm honest, to pass an exam, it all comes down to your own personal revision/study before said exam. Homework is just a repeat of what you do in class. Really... I understand there are arguments for it, but for me, it was useless. I am sure many students have felt this way also.

  • No... We should not...Not at all!

    Students in the U.S are already falling behind the other countries... The U.S need to pick up their game. Students think of homework as torture but what they don't know is that this is preparing them for the future. Math, Writing, Reading, Science, and History help them get jobs of different varieties. P.S I'm a 11 year old girl in the 6th grade.

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  • Just alter it to school work.

    All we need to do is take away any unnecessary courses and make more study time for them to complete their homework. We don't need band, chorus, art, or any of the other courses. Odds are they will never work in those fields anyway. Math, science, social studies, language arts, and physical education, that's it. Though you could do this with all students, I think they should at least do it with those who have trouble with getting their homework done.

  • Homework forces you to review

    Even if you don't like doing homework, it is are great ways to reinforce the material learned during class. If homework is banned for younger kids, they won't take the initiative to review the material after school,and they might forget easier. I think that some teachers definitely overdo it, and hand out busy work, but sometimes the homework is directly related to the future quizzes and tests.

  • Not at all

    In today's world everyone has become tech-savvy and as children are the future of the world so they must be groomed in a disciplined manner. And the first discipline is doing homework in time it helps the child to take responsibility and complete the given task or work in time.

    It also help him to recap the portion completed in school and homework has never been a problem till date so what is the point removing it completely from the schools?

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