Homeless Boys Claims Being Homeless Is Becoming Outlawed:Should We Leave The Homeless Alone?

  • Why punish people who need help?

    What is the actual purpose of outlawing HOMELESSNESS? Why should someone be punished for either a) losing his/her job in an economic crisis and not being able to provide for themselves have to live on the streets, or b) a child runs away from an abusive situation at home and decides to live out on the street until he/her has an opportunity to look for some work? Why is that any of our concern? I think we as a society have just become self-centered jackasses who instead of helping those who need it most, we put them in an even more dire situation than they are already in. That shit needs to stop NOW.

  • Yes, we should leave the homeless alone

    If we have the freedom to choose to live in a big house people should have the freedom to live free of a home as well. It is not our place to say how others live. As long as they are not causing others harm they should be free to live where and how they want.

  • Homeless people affect our society.

    We cannot just leave homeless people alone, because they affect our society and our living areas. For instance, if a homeless person is begging on the road near a busy intersection, his safety and the safety of motorists are at risk. They also cannot invade our private property rights just because they are homeless.

  • No, we should help the homeless as much as possible.

    While outlawing homelessness is a ridiculous notion that only penalizes the people who need help the most, we should not leave the homeless alone when we can offer much help. Cities that have worked hard to house their homeless citizens have prospered and helped dozens of people. Many of the homeless are abused children, people who lost their jobs during an economic crisis in which the banks were bailed out instead of the people or vets who came home to no job and no help, as well as mentally ill individuals. These are the people we need to help most.

  • No, we should do everything we can to help the homeless.

    Many homeless people are veterans who America has treated terribly, other homeless people are drug addicts who need help, many homeless people are runaways. Those are just a few examples, but regardless homeless people need help. Many of them could one day become upstanding members of society if they received this help. Why would anyone want to leave them alone?

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