Homeless man killed by Albuquerque police: should police exercise more restraint with lethal force?

  • Albuquerque Police Execute Homeless Man

    It is regrettable what happened to James Boyd as police arrived and woke him to be executed. James Boyd was complying with officers requests when police unnecessary opened fire and killed him. James Boyd was executed because of a minor offense that reached levels that should not have. Police need to be held accountable for their actions and gross misuse of force.

  • Force Should Only Be For True Self Defence

    Too many police officers use excessive force in their daily routine. Sometimes this is necessary when a threat to themselves or others is present, but deadly force should only ever be used in life or death situations. The police are there to arrest criminals and bring them to trail, using excessive force in unwarranted situations hurts their public image and people trust them less.

  • Police should try not to use execsive restraint

    I definitely think that in this case excessive force was used. I can see that each case is different but also understand that Police are trying to protect themselves and every situation is different. I think that you hear all the bad times the Cops use force but don't hear all the times that they don't. It is a scary world and they have to protect themselves and sometimes think they get out of hand.

  • Police have a Duty of Care

    Police should be answerable and an investigation held following all injuries and deaths as a result of their decisions. Although force may be nessesary in some situations, it is over used and holding investigations in every case will make the police officers aware that they are accountable for their actions and must formally justify their reasons for the actions they take.

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