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  • I strongly disagree. There isn't enough control.

    Home schooling does not guarantee an adequate education for making informed decisions in a chaotic economy. I'm not saying public schools are any better, But at least public schools can be controlled to provide specific knowledge when it is needed.

    For example, If students are required to learn about what college degrees are more lucrative in order to make more informed decisions on what degree to get, You cannot guarantee that homeschooling will provide that knowledge.

  • Ultimate in sheltered

    They only think in one way and that is what their parents told them. I can tell the ones that are home schooled in college because they are fish out of water and do not adapt quickly. They lack expertise in some areas and need to catch up.
    Most of them are nice but they are slow to trust others and understand that people think different than them

  • We will not be able to live with others in society.

    Because we live together in a multicultural society
    We all know that we have difference opinion so I would like to see your thinking about homeschooling is it good or bad? Please reply it back I need all your help for my assignment
    **THANK YOU** student from year10 BYEEEEEEEEE! K

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