• Yes homework is a good idea

    The point of school is to prepare you for work.When you are working you will have things to do that has to be done in a deadline.I have no problems with homework.I never get stress out with homework.I always do my homework in homeroom which gives us 35 minutes to do our homework. I believe this is enough time for students to at least get some homework done.

  • You Have To Do It Anyway At Home

    Home is Non-school education.
    So you get the help you need when you are home.
    You can get home help instead of school help.
    Some people suffer some people don't.
    Some like homework, some people don't.
    You just have to deal with it. It is important to the people. Jasmine

  • No homework is just another load of stress.

    There is already school for what? 5,6,7 hours a day? Then we come home, and do more work. They make us prioritize school before family and self. And yes, education is important. But our lives are already going to be filled with work and stress, so when we're younger, give us more of a break. Let us live a fun life while we can.

  • I think homework is not a good idea, it stresses people out.

    Many people for homework would argue that it's like revision and that it can be done in a persons free time, but I am arguing against that.
    You see, I get so much homework that I always run out of free time to do it, and anyways, I would like to have some me time in the day. Also in school, you have deadlines, sometimes teachers give me 5 pages worth of homework to be done for the next day. If the homework is not completed as they would like, they send it back and make me re-do it. I get very stressed whenever I come home from school because of the amount of homework I have to complete. Some people in my class are suffering from back problems because their bags are too heavy for them to carry.
    That's only a few of the points I have on homework, I would write more but I have to do another 2 hours worth of homework and it's already7pm.

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