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  • Homework does have educational value in it.

    I believe that as much as we hate homework, it is a beneficial part of life. I enjoy doing homework, so this is not an issue for me. School is an outlet for many students and it has a great value in our education. What people say is a lot of bogus!

  • They are helping us extend our learning.

    Homework helps us understand the topic better and has proved to have a good impact on learning. As much as we hate it, it's good for us!
    On point I have to add is teachers shouldn't put too much preasure on students to do homework the next day or give them loads to do.

  • It Is More Knowledge

    It gives people further eductaion and knowledge which will help them in the future or now to get a job which is one of the main parts of your life which is crucial becasue it decides how you will live in this world and society. I needed to add on eight more words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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