• Homework is good... To a certain degree.

    I believe homework is good. It helps the student practice what they learned in class (and for the upcoming quiz/test.) However, I don't believe that teachers should be piling the student with homework. I mean, the student also has to spend time outside, with their family, (etc.) I believe it should be balanced. Enough homework to help the child, but not so much to frustrate and overwhelm him/her.

  • Homework is Necessary

    Let's be honest, nobody enjoys homework. Nobody really enjoys school, for that matter. But half of the school/homework related polls on this site complain that school should be less work, and the other half of polls complain that you don't learn well enough from school work. You can't have it both ways. Even with the amount of school time and homework students are given, these students still don't comprehend the material in many cases.

    So the most you could really say is that homework needs to become more effective, but it is still a necessary evil.

  • Homework is important

    Homework is important to help reinforce the lessons learnt during the week. If we didn't have homework then whatever was learnt during the lesson would be forgotten the moment you leave the class room. It is because we have to go over the facts and increase our knowledge at home that the information is committed to memory.

  • Homework helps students

    Homework, as tiring as it maybe, helps kids learn in school. Most kids tend NOT to learn in this modern society, at the moment. We have all heard that kids chew gum, pass notes, and even sleep during class. They do not pay attention. If they hadn't learnt in school, how can the opposing team say that its extra work? Most of the kids, say about 75%, are bored in class. I have seen, and experienced such views. Not all teaches teach in a fun way. Homework help the kids to learn at home. It is the full responsibility of a parent or guardian, to ensure that a child does his/her work and is academically smart. The failure of this has resulted in most of the kids not doing homework, or cheating off their friends. Studying is good. There is noting bad in studying. So why should homework happen to be banned? Video games, electronic devices, etc., deviate them away from studies. In universities, life will be very difficult if they do not get used to the amount of pressure which will be suppressed upon them. It helps them focus, and actually not get distracted, and understand whats going on in class. One main reason, for kids not doing homework is because they want to be free. It is because of their sheer interest that they hesitate to do homework. As we grow, work seems to fall upon us even worse. If homework were to be banned, school time would be increased. In some schools, they give grades according to the amount of homework done by the kid. Homework is a part of academics, and not extra work. It is what you do at home. As clearly discussed before, it will most certainly help in the future grades. Kids get tons of work and will have to study a lot. As they grow homework decreases bit by bit. It is very essential, and therefore i'd like to state that homework is good, and should never be banned, and I am very truly talking from a kid, like myself, point of view.

  • Homework is a necessity of learning

    If you wish to attain mastery of any given skill, then you require practice. Homework is practice that prevents you from dropping off knowledge after school hours. You may talk about homework being bad because it "takes all day", but situations like this only arise with people that cannot manage their time efficiently. I promise you, NOBODY'S grades are going to soar after the abolishment of homework. As a matter of fact, abolishing homework will only make matters worse as students will not be able to grazp concepts so easily without the practice that homework provides. Also, it is EXTREMELY hipocritical to call homework a grueling and long task when there are still places in the world that force childeren into slave labor, which involves tasks such as carrying 200 pound rocks like backpacks over mountains for 16 HOURS. Yes, things like this still occur around much of the world. If there ever was an evil involving educational homework, I don't see it.

  • Homework is Good

    Homework is an important opportunity for students to review materials they learned in class. In fact they can use homework they completed to study for upcoming tests or to get additional practice. Homework is helpful a lot of times as well, for example it lets the teacher know if a student is having trouble on the subject which can help the student by getting him to work harder on the subject to fully understand it. In some cases homework may also help your grade. Homework can help you to bring up the B in a class to an A for just completing a few worksheets. In the end homework is never too much and it reinforces what the student learned during the day as it also gives students confidence in their schoolwork.

  • What why is homework bad

    Well that is true but don't you want to learn. You want to get smart right. So stop acting like it is a bad thing get over yourself . Home work is extra practice for your beautiful brain so i would like everybody to vote for homework. Get over yourself!

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  • Homework is good

    Homework is good because instead of ONLY learning at school you can have some time to finish and do stuff that’s important at home. Also it is USUAL that after school you don’t just play and then the next day at school you forget everything you learnt! So that’s why I agree with yes homework is potentially good.

  • Homework is Good!

    Ok, so everyone says "Homework sucks!" and "Ugh, homework." But in reality, it helps you. Every night before my cousin goes to bed, she always studies her homework to make sure she got it correct. This helps her get a good grade. Thanks for reading this short comment over homework. :)

  • Face it. Homework is baaaaaaad.

    Most of the kids will agree, homework is really bad. First, it can cause stress. It makes kids feel under pressure, and not only from their teachers, but from their parents, too! Homework can take up the whole entire evening for some children, and that means that except for eating dinner, they have no time to enjoy time with their parents. Too much homework means less time to sleep, eat, relax, exercise, etc. Lack of those things is bad for learning! School is where kids learn new things, while home is where they relax, spend time with friends and family. The children absorb the new things they learn each day, thinking about while they relax. Letting the new information slowly leak into your mind is better than trying to figure out this and that, losing your brain cells.
    Trust me, homework does NOT help learning.

  • Homework is Bad

    Homework has no purpose. Kids already have seven hours of school and you start school at eight and go home at three, which is a full day of school. But then the teachers load you with homework. In Finland, kids don’t have homework so they have more time to study and earn better grades. I t doesn’t make sense that you learn anything NEW from a piece of paper that you already did at school.

  • Its not good

    Its a waste of time to both the teacher and the student, it demotivates kids to learn, and it promotes cheating in school. Because of all these points you can see that homework is bad and not worth even having it. Homework should not exist. . . . . .

  • Homerk sucks du

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  • I play Sports

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  • It depends on the amount of hours they are in school for.

    Im a student and i understand that homework is beneficial ... Sometimes. I go to school 9 hours a day for five days and i find it hard to manage school from home life. Homework takes me around 2-3 hours to do. School takes up 11-12 hours of my day and I hardly get to talk to my mom and see my dad. With less homework or none at all it would relieve my stress and let me spend more time on things that will actually benefit my future. I cant say this for all schools but in my case its more harmful than it is good

  • Yo people .

    People have done enoff work in skool so yu shud do non at hom ...................... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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