Homework... Lets ban aye I don't do it at all I don't get either

Asked by: Hejue
  • I haven't done homework for ages (2 years)

    I got it in year 9 yeah that was twice too and she didn't even check the homework and we do even do it just get them to do like revision and if they don't do it that's there fault in not doing it so yeah lets ban it's dumb

  • No real reason to ban it.

    It's there to show you what you are able to do and to help make a short term memory into a long term one. If you put it off and don't do it, you're not going to learn anything. It's self-practice. The question for this furthers my point. "I don't do it at all I don't get it either." Since you are unable to do it on your own, how are you going to do tests? Since you can't, you can ask questions on how to do it. Otherwise, you will never improve, and it will lead you down a failing spiral that will follow you. If you can't study, if you can't do homework, then you'll have a tough time in college if you plan to go.

    With the limited time in a day, homework is borderline necessity to help. If there's no homework, then I think the school day could be prolonged for "in school practice." Basically extra study hall for teachers to work with students to ensure they understand since it is suggested that "homework" isn't good enough. That'd be quite the alternative.

    It also helps improve management skills. Sometimes, depending on your career choice, you will be required to do projects overtime, at home. If you don't do it, you could be fired.

    If you think homework is stressful, then you're going to have a very rough time in the work environment and the like.

  • Not a good idea

    I also dislike homework but it is still smart to have. I'm kind of forgetful so homework helps refresh my memory of what I had learned earlier in the day. It also is an easy way to bring peoples grade up. So, in conclusion, homework helps in many different ways. Don't ban it!

  • Don't ban it.

    I HATE homework. But homework is there for a good reason. First of all, its there so we don't forget what we learned right after school. Secondly, it teaches you responsibility. You have to remember to do it and to bring it in. Lastly, it teaches time management. Don't ban homework.

  • Not ban it just make it fit the needs

    There's no need to ban homework altogether. But instead rather make it fit the child's need. Say if a child is really skilled in math and shows 0 signs that they will ever lower don't give them easy math, but instead give them a little challenge (of course that piece wouldn't be graded).

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