• Yes, Homophobes are evil

    Homophobes are evil because you can't judge people for who they love. Love is Love and that is a personal choice that you shouldn't be judged for and anyone who thinks otherwise is purely evil and cruel. Not loving someone for being homosexual is destroying society and is inherently cruel and evil.

  • Yes they are evil

    Imagine hating people that you've never met, Just because they have a different sexual preference. Something that they can't control, Which is something you have no business interfering with. You know what, Its kinda gay to be homophobic because you are so obsessed with homosexual people. That's kinda sus. Among us.

  • Yes, Homophobes are evil.

    How can you deny and reject someone else's personal attraction when it doesn't affect you? No-one in the LGBTQ+ community has done anything to make you hate them because of their sexuality and identity. People who hate on someone for loving people are cruel and heartless. Homophobes who support gay rights being taken away are worse. Taking away rights is inhumane and inherently evil.

  • They are jerks.

    I don't see how someone can be such a heartless jerk. They persecute anyone who offends there deluded sense of decency. They are either gay themselves or soulless heartless automatons. They are responsible for all the gay people committing suicide. Perhaps they would like to be born gay and have people like them telling them that they're monsters?

  • Homophobes are good to maintain a good societal demographic

    Gay people do not reproduce therefore in the future they will be very consequential to a community. The world government must do something before worldwide fertility rates plummets to a point where it can't be reversed. Plus niggers tend to be gay and do the tubing so therefore it should be opposed

  • Phobias are extreme or irrational fears

    And by most standards, Phobias being inexplicable or illogical on the part of the person experiencing them, Having one is not the fault of the person who has it. I don't know that you could call that evil. There is almost always some truth to it, And their bringing it to obsessive levels is still no grounds to call it evil.

    Im sure the only reason people feel so strongly about this one in particular is because they don't like their life choices to be questioned by others. . . But thats something youll always have to deal with no matter how much doctoring up of the language you try and do.

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