Homophobia is an evolutionary disease avoidance behavior

  • If you think about it, it kind of makes sense?

    Now I don't think you are justifying your homophobia if you are homophobic, but I do think it is an evolutionary disease. In the earliest tribes that ever existed on Earth, homosexuals were considered mystical and were praised as being two humans and were idolized as well. Homosexuality was accepted and it didn't matter if you were homosexual or heterosexual, you were just a member of the tribe. It wasn't until the dawn of masculinity and what justifies a "man" by religion that people looked at homosexuality as a negative thing. After people developed religion under the umbrella of an all powerful, single god, that people started to develop stigmas towards homosexuals, mostly because homosexuals can't reproduce, and were seen as feminine. After this and the spread of the major religion, Christianity, throughout the eastern world, the entire world developed beliefs based off of Judaism (Bible and Quran stems from teachings in the Tanakh) people began targeting gays in crusades. Over time, because our human race saw homosexuality as wrong and immoral, we began developing homophobic views. After years of exposure to homosexuality and viewing it as wrong, we wanted to avoid it. So over time we evolved from people that accepted it, to people that rejected it because it made us uncomfortable and wanted to AVOID it. This is a very good example of evolution in the sense of human behavior. Just like we evolved from working by hand to manufacturing because we wanted to speed the process up and make more money and resources. This is evolution.

  • Are You Trying To Justify Your Homophobia?

    Listen, it's not that difficult to figure out. From birth, we are pounded by religion, TV, music, bullies, and now the internet about being gay and how much of a "bad thing" it is. This is why we are so against it.

    As far as evolution; this comment just shows pure ignorance of the environment you live in. My suggestion is to put the phone down, stop worrying what you look like, stop taking selfies like a 14 year old girl, and get yourself out in the world. There are almost no mammals out there without homosexual or bisexual tendencies. In fact, most mammals seem to partake in bisexuality on a regular basis. Heck, even your male dog always seems to want his nose in your crotch.

    That being said, eeewwwww LOL j/k, no offense intended.

  • Woah the implications!

    The idea that we need some evolutionary mechanism to save us from disease ridden homosexuals ignores the actual sources of the vast majority of diseases that we should actually be avoiding, and assumes homosexuals to be disease ridden. If anything, we should be afraid of water, because of millions of deadly diseases like botulism, cholera, and dysentery. How many hydrophobic people are walking around these days?

  • This is offensive and purely wrong.

    This assertion attempts to justify the inequality of homosexuals in every aspect of society. It also labels us as a disease. There is no evidence, whatsoever, that homosexuality is a disease. And there is no evidence that homophobia is natural. Therefore, everything about this post is wrong. Plain and simple, this is merely being used as a conduit for bigots to continue their hate.

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Craighawley215 says2015-08-21T14:12:16.910
This is the most depressing opinion page on the site.