Homosexual rights and women's rights issues are pointless and in so create nothing, build nothing, and contribute nothing to society.

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  • They are people.

    As fellow and equal people, who admittedly aren't as cool as me, unless noted otherwise, their "rights" complaints are usually directed against private citizens or businesses exercising personal prejudices.
    Enjoy the lost revenue and talent, jerks!
    In most cases, it's more of a "notice me!"-fest because someone cut in front of them in line and was rude about it than a serious handling of an issue.

  • Society is built on people, some of whom are homosexual, women, or both.

    It is a system composed entirely of human beings and thus requires human beings to continue resisting its inevitable approach towards maximum entropy.
    I personally don't think "rights" exist if they need to be enforced, since that in and of itself contradicts the "inalienable" aspect of rights. So, I'll call them privileges instead.

    Let's address this point by point.
    1) They aren't pointless. They help people continue living and advancing/maintaining society (which I suppose philosophically may be pointless, but we needn't get into that).
    2) They don't create nothing. They elevate homosexuals and women to the same status pertaining to the area in question as those already with "rights".
    3) They don't build nothing. They build the confidence required for society to advance throughout the byproduct of the efforts of people.
    4) They don't contribute nothing to society. They help BUILD and MAINTAIN society.

  • Women and gay people contribute a lot and you need serious help

    Women can now go into science, the medical field, etc. Women like Roselynd Franklin and Marie Curie have contributed a lot to science, and we would not have modern completing without women's rights. Also, the right to vote for women has literally changed the course of history, and also the more rights women have, the better off economically a society tends to be.
    And homosexual couples lead to more adoption of children who need homes, and also if a gay person is happier or doesn't commit suicide at a young age then we don't lose the amazing thinks they could have contributed.

  • Women are standing for a reason...

    In 1903, a group formed that were all women and named themselves the 'Sufferegets'. They protested for women to have the right to vote and freedom to get paid as much as men do. Men don't think of this as a big issue, but if you look at the statistics at,-unfair-treatment-at-work.

    The most common incidents of discrimination or unfair treatment involved:
    -Not receiving credit for one's work (44 percent)
    -Not having concerns addressed or taken seriously (43 percent)
    -Co-workers saying derogatory comments to or in front of the worker (38 percent)
    -Feeling ideas or input are generally ignored (34 percent)
    -Co-workers were talking behind their backs (33 percent)
    -Not being given projects that provide worker with more visibility in the company (31 percent)
    -Being overlooked for a promotion (26 percent)

    And there is still the 60% payment less then men even if you are as good as or even better at a male who is doing the same job as you.

    Us women are trying to get something done, like the Sufferegets. They got us the right to vote. Like how the white people didn't let the darker skinned people vote. To me all of this is disgraceful. We live in the same world why don't we treat each other in fairness then?

    "The earth is the mother of all people, and all people should have equal rights upon it."
    -Chief Joseph

  • Both group make serious points

    In many places, same-sex marriage is still not allowed by law, and even where it is, homosexuals are often still discriminated against.
    For an explanation of why women's right are needed, just look at some Saudi Arabian laws about what women can and can't do.

    Here are five more words.

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