• Sure, why would it be natural?

    Homosexuality as an orientation is an anathema to the biological imperative. While it may be socially acceptable and psychologically explainable, it most certainly is not normal. It's a condition outside the parameter of speciation.

    The argument could be made that any action by a natural proxy makes said action natural as well. However, by that logic ANY orientation should be considered natural.

    The argument to normalize homosexuality is based on social reasoning, and not an appeal to nature. Anyone who appeals to nature in an attempt to normalize homosexuality must also concede that every other sexual orientation (in all it's bizarre flavors) is likewise natural.

  • It sure is!

    Homosexuality is against nature in every way. People are not born gay, and homosexuality is against biology and evolution. Homosexuality is against what nature intended, which is a man and woman who can PROCREATE. Over half of the cases of AIDS in this world is from homosexuals, and a successful homosexual relationship is a lot less likely to be successful than a normal man and woman relationship!

  • The human body was not meant for homosexuality

    The human body was created for reproduction between a man and a woman. When there is a union between a man and a woman, it is natural. When there is a union between two people of the same sex, it is unnatural and it is unethical. Homosexuality is a choice, no one is born with it.

  • What is nature but the old way of doing things

    When ever someone says x goes against nature they mean it goes against the old ways.

    Old ways smold ways, innovation is what makes humanity great. Nature has no power or authority and human beings are free to mold and shape it as we please according to what we want.

  • Where in the word Male do you see "Woman" written?

    I don't support homosexuals because we as human beings were made; Male, and Female for a very good reason. If homosexuality was right then there would only be one gender. There is no justification for it. I understand that it must be hard for them to make others understand what they feel inside i guess, but the truth is that there has to be a way of curing this "Disease", that's right, its a disease because it's not in our nature as humans. God bless them

  • Totally against nature.

    That is like asking if it is against human nature for a human to have intercourse with an animal. Of course it is! My perspective on the whole homosexual thing is that, some females develop similar to male characteristics like big muscles, short hair, not liking to dress in a feminine manner etc. So other females get attracted to those masculine characteristics and mistake it for love/attraction/what makes them homosexual. It works the same way with males; some males develop somewhat feminine voices, likes "girl" stuff, and feels more comfortable around girls, etc. And other males mistake that attraction to those feminine qualities as love. And it is all because of our culture!

  • It is unnatural, but I have nothing against gays.

    Answering the question, yes it is not natural and goes against nature. Men were meant to be with women and produce offspring. One positive is slowing down population growth. But I don't have anything against them, it is their choice.
    Sorry i need to type more words blah blah blah

  • Absolutely Positively Against Nature

    If we are to look at anything in nature, we see that couplings are male/female. Yes, I am aware that some animals have tried copulating with the same gender, I lived on a farm, but that was during breeding season when animals were sex-crazed. To compare humans to those incidents, would be to say that humans are as stupid as sex-crazed cattle. While I do believe homosexuality is against nature, I want to state that I also believe that it is also very wrong to beat the living daylights out of a homosexual or treat him or her as less than a human being for that lifestyle at the same time. It's animalistic to beat up on another human being, and that is just as wrong or even more so.

  • Yes, it is, but morality is a different subject

    We, humans, are all part of a species. The goal of species is to survive. How does a species survive? Reproduction.
    As of now, humans have not found a way for two males to have children or for two women to have children, so in that sense, it is against nature.

    Morality is a different issue, though. Personally, I believe that people ought to have the right to love a person of their own gender.

  • Do not compare animals to your situation..

    All those species of animals that engage in gay activities do it for another reason than humans, like the “humble” fruit fly only engages in that behaviour because he has no idea wtf he’s doing hes just trying to reproduce but they eventually learn the smell of females so they focus on them. Female apes mount other females because it makes them fertile for the males and sure they might get pleasure out of it but it’s all for reproduction purposes not because they want to be gay.

    Two male flour beetles will mount each other one even producing sperm on the other so that if he finds a mate it will be the other beetles sperm impregnating the female therefore maximising the chance of having offspring, still reproduction purposes. Female albatrosses pair for life because the shortage of males in their groups mainly because males migrate but if two females pair they have a chance at raising ones offspring and surviving.

    And it’s already a fact that bonobo apes are extremely horny and will engage in sexual activities towards any gender. Males mount other males for dominance and just like all apes females will mount females in order to make more fertile and encouraged for a male. So still not the same as a Human. Domestic sheep not (wild) sheep will have such a sex drive they will mate with infertile females and try to mate with another male because animals like sheep have a built in trait to want reproduce as much as possible so their offspring has more of a chance of doing the same.

    Humans do it because they can, some claim they’re born that way, when I believe it’s a choice everything is a choice. Humans don’t have an actual purpose to be gay. It doesn’t help our reproduction, doesn’t increase our survival rate, we just get pleasure out of it. Animals do it for survival and reproduction purposes, so don’t compare yourself to nature and how it works because “humans” in general are unnatural to nature we don’t fit in the ecosystem anywhere and we destroy nature itself.

    But if being gay makes you happy then go ahead I don’t care, but stop trying to say it’s natural because it’s not and your nothing like the innocent peaceful animals of this earth that are natural.

    And just because two male monkeys fucked each other doesn’t mean it’s natural and makes it okay, animals can act unnatural too. Just like the rare cases of gorillas eating other gorillas even though they are plant/bug eaters. It’s like imagine if someone went down the street and just starting throwing his own shit at people and then telling them it’s okay monkeys do it, it’s natural. People just need stop worrying about other people’s hobbies. See how that argument doesn’t help. Throwing poo comes natural to monkeys not humans but that guy did it anyway an will eventually make it normal for humans to throw their own shit.

  • How can anything that exists be "against nature?"

    If it exists inside of the natural world, especially if it is relatively common, then how can a thing be "against nature?" It is not like the fictional Outer Gods from HP Lovecraft's novels.

    No, homosexuality is a real thing, naturally occurring, and although a little rare, it is normal enough to find examples of it happening everywhere.

    Nature does not allow things that are "against" her to exist.

  • Is procreation REALLY the purpose of life?

    Evolutionarily yes, but in reality no.

    What about old people whose kids went off to college? Should they just do nothing, since they have already achieved their purpose?

    What about the millions of infertile people? Should they just be killed off, since they will never get to serve the purpose of life?

    And what about people who are asexual (not attracted to anyone), single, or simply do not WANT to have children? Are they denying themselves the purpose of life?

    Many believe "There is a pot for every lid" and "Men and women are made for each other". If that were true, there would be an exact 1:1 sex ratio, and there isn't. The sex ratio for men to women is 101:100. This means that one out of every 101 men has no "other half". This can really add up considering the global population of 7 billion. There are more of these "extra lids" around the world than there are people living in Australia! What do they have left to do?

    There is not a pot for every lid, but we can always use the extra lids as cymbals, if you know what I mean.

  • Homosexuality exist everywhere.

    I see homosexuality with many animals, let it range from dogs to turtles to Sloths. It is immature to say that Homosexuality is against nature when it IS in nature! Another example is that in the most liberal and free Societies, Homosexuality is at it's highest, which mean that people are not scared to show who they really are.

  • Stupid to think homosexuality is unnatural

    Homosexuality is observed in many species. Feeling attraction towards people of the same sex is natural to homosexuals. Its not a choice. They are built in such a way that it makes them happy. Why the hell would they voluntarily do something that does not make them happy? I hate backward thinking.

  • Homosexuality is present in many species

    Homosexuality is very natural. Of course it is; it is present in biological beings. Not only humans, but many other species as well (http://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/Homosexual_behavior_in_animals). Homosexuality in humans might be caused by developmental deviations or certain alleles, and these things occur in all groups of organisms. In other words: still very natural. In fact, the absence of variation in traits among humans (including sexual orientation) would be very UNnatural.

    I find it very funny that many people claim that certain behaviours aren't 'natural' whereas they can be found throughout the whole animal kingdom. It is a different question whether certain behaviours are moral in a human sense. However, I don't think that homosexuality is immoral, since it doesn't affect anyone else but for the homosexuals themselves. Let them be themselves. Don't force your ignorant opinion on the lifestyle of others.

  • It's there choice!

    Who has got the right to be telling people how they are to live their life! We should be supporting our friends and fellow people instead of bullying them or judging! How would you like it if someone came up to you and judged you because you wear glasses or you look different or even have a different hair colour then other people.

  • If it exist, it's natural...

    Homosexuality cannot logically be considered unnatural because everything that exist IS natural. Animals in the wild also engage in homosexual activity making the claim "homosexuality is unnatural" invalid. The whole notion that homosexuality is unnatural comes from religion which is ironic because the majority of the things in the Bible, Koran etc.. Would be considered unnatural. So I really do not understand the idea that homosexuality is somehow unnatural. What is it, supernatural? Come to think of it, it is super AND natural. I think I made a breakthrough!

  • Educate yourself, then try again

    Nature is rife with examples of homosexuality. If you think otherwise then it is only because you haven't bothered to do any research at all. So no, homosexuality is not "against nature". It is exactly as natural as heterosexuality.

    There are quite a few sexual behaviors that are considered "deviant" amongst certain prudish groups of human beings which are all actually quite common in nature, in fact.

    Source: http://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/Animal_sexuality

  • Mind your own business!

    Obviously its not against nature animals can have gay sex too, such as the bonobo ape and many more. Anyone who thinks they aren't because they can't have kids is wrong, because no one would say that an infertile person is unnatural. People need to stop worrying about other people's sexuality.

  • Homosexuality appears in nature!

    Hundreds of species have been documented in engaging in one form of homosexual behavior. Admittedly, each species has their own reasons but nether the less they all do it. These species range from the humble Fruit Fly to the majestic Lion. However, it must be emphasized above all else that like humans animals have their own status quo of behavioral norms and some will have different sexual behaviors even in the same species.

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TheInterlang says2013-10-09T01:45:02.797
Humanity is more complex than an electrical socket.
themohawkninja says2013-10-11T00:55:42.070
"Nature" is too open for interpretation. Are we going with a Darwinian view, or are we just saying "is it against what is currently known to happen in nature?"