Homosexuality: Is condemning homosexuality discrimination?

  • It depends on what you mean by "condemning" and "homosexuality."

    If you are condemning people who are born with same-sex attraction, then it is discrimination.
    If you are condemning certain homosexual practices, I think it depends.
    Some people believe it is wrong to drink (alcohol) to excess. They condemn drunkenness and do not engage in that behavior.
    Some people believe it is wrong to engage in certain homosexual practices. They condemn those practices (perhaps for health reasons) and do not engage in that behavior.
    If that is what you mean by "condemning" then I would not consider it discrimination. We all have a right to our opinions. Unfortunately, many people go beyond that. They interfere (in word or deed) with the freedom of others.

    Suppose I believe it is wrong to drink to excess and my new neighbor gets so drunk every weekend. I don't see him getting drunk but he mentions it whenever I see him on the sidewalk or at the grocery store. If I behaved like some religious conservatives, I would:
    (1) take every opportunity to tell him that his behavior is wrong.
    (2) try to interfere if I learn he wants to marry a woman who also drinks too much (since that will only enable him to continue his improper behavior).
    (3) perhaps even try to force him out of the neighborhood since I do not want my children to be influenced by his behavior.
    (4) move to a different spot if he sat down next to me at church.

    If that is what you mean by "condemning homosexuality" then it sounds like discrimination to me.

  • You cant condemn with out discriminating.

    If you condemn something than you are discriminating against those peoples beliefs. A person that condemns homosexuality will fight it to any extent and will look down upon gays as inferior to them just because they belief that the path they took in there life is better. I personally do not see the problem. I cannot figure out why people can just live there lives and leave other people alone.

  • No one has to agree with another person's lifestyle

    Is it discrimination when gay people catilly call heterosexual couples 'breeders'?

    While I think it is foolhardy to condemn homosexuality, given that it is a consensual relationship between two adults that has no effect on anyone else, it is important to recognize freedom of speech and expression. I know plenty of people who disagree with homosexuality, particularly in the religious community, but don't actually discriminate against homosexuals.

    People have a right to disagree, condemn, whatever. If they still treat a person decently, then it would be hard to call their behaviour discriminatory even if we do find it distasteful.

  • Condemning homosexuality is NOT the same as discrimination

    Because like other sexual immoral acts, such as fornication and adultery, it's a destructive lifestyle, not a race. As true Christians, we're instructed to hate the sin, love the sinner. Some claiming to be Christians share the truth in wrath. True Christians share the truth with gentleness and respect. We don't hate homosexuals. We just want them to stop hurting themselves and others. HIV is higher among homosexuals, and there's an unbalance for a child growing up without a mother or father. So saying that condemning homosexuality is discrimination is a lie like homosexual marriage. Homosexual marriage is a lie to destroy traditional marriage.

  • No, condemning homosexuality comes under free speech

    Believing and saying homosexuality is wrong is NOT discrimination. If that was the case, condemning Christianity should also be considered as discrimination. By sharing my opinion on homosexuality, I am practising my right to free speech and that is an universal human right. Also, saying homosexuality is a sin/wrong is not ‘judging’. When I say ‘murder is a sin’, I am not judging anyone. I’m simply stating a moral truth. If I say, ‘homos are the worst people on earth and they’re all going to hell’ then I'm judging. And many people are unfortunately guilty of that. But that does not change the moral fact that homosexuality is sin and wrong.

  • No, we are all allowed to have opinions.

    If a person does not approve of homosexuality, that does not mean they are discriminating. If someone is gay bashing that is discrimination. If someone is committing hate crimes they are discriminating. Simply not approving of ones lifestyle, in itself, is not discrimination. If that were the everyone on this planet would be guilty of discriminating against something.

  • Stating the obvious.

    I have the right to say that homosexuality is wrong. No one person or billions of people have the right to fine, imprison, or discriminate based off of my words. Homosexuality is morally and naturally wrong. But also being promiscuous in heterosexuality is just as wrong. God does not hate gay people . The act or performing homosexuality is what God hates. Homosexuality is inherently evil, because it allows people to be what they are not. If your born a man, your obligation to humanity and the creator is to either procreate, or abstain from sex. Heterosexuals are also bound by this.

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