• Homosexuality is dysfunctional.

    Homosexuality is not what nature intended. Homosexuality is against nature and evolution, and against God. Homosexuals can change, nobody is born gay. There is no gay gene. Homosexual lifestyles are unhealthy lifestyles, they are the cause of over half the cases of AIDS. Homosexuality should never be endorsed in society!

  • There is a Communist agenda to tear down the American way of life.

    Civil Rights do not trump Freedom of Religion.
    I’m not saying that we wipe out homosexuals because I believe that they have always been with us throughout history. But should they be exalted through the mass media as if that lifestyle should be attained? No.
    If you believe that the American way should be torn down then you have voted to endorse homosexuality.
    “but you CANNOT make a push for society to do the same, especially since those of you who do not endorse it make up only a vocal minority” (rfranklin626)…. The vocal minority is the mass media which is OWNED and does NOT hold the same values that most of the US values.
    We, the people, are the society. Society can push away from the Communist Goals see #26 please).
    “Since we, as an overall society, do not quantify matters of a social nature in a religious connotation (at least we shouldn't), there is no legitimate argument against homosexuality whatsoever.” (rfranklin626)
    There is a legitimate argument against homosexuality = the perpetuation of one’s own culture, tradition, values and of course, genes.
    The US has a declining population.
    “Nobody should be afraid of loving another human.” Per xolys and yet today’s Christians are very tolerant. The mass media is NOT tolerant of Christians and when the mass media endorses ill-gotten behavior; it violates those who have freedom of religion.
    We are not afraid of loving another human being. We do not endorse the lifestyle of homosexuality nor Communist ideals.

  • It is wrong

    As a Christian, I believe homosexuality is wrong. It is against the bible first of all, and it is, in my opinion, messed up. Homosexuality is unnatural, it's unhealthy, and its bad for the society. I don't understand why people would want to endorse it. I hate homosexuality, not the person, just the sin.

  • Homosexuality should not be endorsed.

    Since I agree in separation of church and state( as a christian) and since I value equality and fairness this would seem like a no brainer. However "endorse"? How so? My best friend is gay, I am a christian who believes homosexuality is wrong. Do we as a society endorse heterosexuality? I don't believe so, I don't believe we endorse a particular sexual orientation, so in interest of fairness, I would say we shouldn't endorse homosexuality.

  • Homosexuality is Equal to Heterosexuality.

    Over the last few decades, the stigma against homosexuality is declining within the secular population. Because of this, the stigma is increasing in the Fundamentalist population. There isn't any way to make even so much as a fractured argument against homosexuality without that fractured argument being religious in nature. Since we, as an overall society, do not quantify matters of a social nature in a religious connotation (at least we shouldn't), there is no legitimate argument against homosexuality whatsoever.

    Homosexual relationships, by definition the act of forming and maintaining relationships with members of the same sex, is commonplace not just in the human species, but in thousands of other species currently living, and presumably millions that have lived over the 3 billion-plus years life has existed on Earth. Homosexuality has also been seen, from a biological standpoint, as a form of population control. From an anthropological standpoint, homosexuality has been something revered in many cultures, especially in cultures that I feel were smarter, craftier, and more technologically innovative than our own (such as the Mayans, Aztecs, Incas, Greeks, Mesopotamians, Egyptians, and many Drudic cultures in ancient Europe). Homosexuality didn't start becoming a stigmatized practice until Christianity came to the forefront.

    Do you have friends that are the same gender as you? Those are homosexual relationships. It's not strictly about sexual relationships. So, with that being said, how can one make an argument against homosexuality when everyone on Earth exercises the literal definition? But, let's return to the factored behavior that is at the forefront of the argument, and not debate diction.

    Volcanoes13 -- If you have a problem with homosexuality, YOU have the right to not endorse it, but you CANNOT make a push for society to do the same, especially since those of you who do not endorse it make up only a vocal minority. Despite the fact your faith isn't even explicit on the matter, and the general consensus within your faith when it comes to homosexuality is only interpreted. Science has discovered what homosexuality is and why it exists, thus over the last few decades, as a society we've become more comfortable and accepting of it, much in the same way we, as a society, have become more comfortable with integrated races and beliefs.

    Civil rights are civil rights. No matter how you spin it.

  • Homosexuality should be endorsed by the society

    I have almost nothing to add to what xolys said here and in commenting the (currently) only opinion on the left. But I feel obligated to raise my voice, since a 50:50 percentage on this would be a shame for today's society.

    Homosexuality is natural, because it occurs in nature. Not only are all humans part of nature, but homosexual behaviour was also observed in more than one thousand animals species, including primitive ones, which are commonly not even accredited with a conscience, raising substantial doubts on whether it might be a choice. Also, nature intends nothing.

    Homosexuality is not against evolution, as otherwise it would have already been selected against. Conversely, homosexuality might have positive side-effects for the reproductive success of siblings.
    Homosexuality is not genetic, but epigenetic. That's why there is no gay gene, but homosexuals are still born that way. It's no choice, as otherwise it would be completely unexplainable why bullied homosexual children commit suicide to not have to be gay anymore. This is horrible, and everyone who is against abortion (like Volcanoes13, yes I'm talking about you) because all life is valuable, to then insult all homosexuals driving people into suicide, should certainly ask him/her-self, how this makes any sense.

    Also, even if homosexuality were against procreation, where's the problem? We don't base our morals on what is best for procreation. If we did, then rape would be moral, which it is surely not! Actually as we're heading for a dangerous level of overpopulation, society would benefit from a large homosexual fraction.

    Further, it is simply not true that homosexuals are the main carriers of AIDS. Globally, the vast majority of HIV positive people are heterosexuals, who got infected upon heterosexual intercourse.

    And then the best argument: It is against god. This is the last thing one can turn to, if one has no real evidence. Remember, in the past it was said that the bubonic plague was also god's will, and that it shouldn't be tried to be healed. How many of those arguing "it's god's will" would today not get vaccines for their children, if a deadly plague roams? Seems god's will is pretty flexible on many topics...

    Let's face it: The only problem for those being homosexual are homophobes, and These seemingly never get tired of pulling straw men without any actual evidence for not having to admit, that the only reason they claim homosexuality to be amoral is that they don't like it, because once their parents told them to.

  • Homosexuality and heterosexuality are socially equal.

    In the same way heterosexual people exist, so do homosexual people. So do bisexual, pansexual, asexual, graysexual, etc. People. The beauty of humanity is how different everyone is. Every person is different and the only thing accomplished by not accepting people who happen to not fit the gender binary is excluding approximately one in fifty people.

    Homosexuals, heterosexuals, and nearly any other -sexual are the same in essence. A heterosexual woman can sleep with many men in the same way a homosexual man can. Sexuality does not decide sexual responsibility. It decides only to whom you're attracted.

    Psychology has showed differences in the brain between gay and straight people--so no, sexuality is not a choice. We are each born with our sexualities and we grow to accept them and live in them. For the sake of lowering suicide rates if nothing else, society must accept non-cishet people. As a bisexual woman, I know the pain and pressure society puts on our shoulders as people who are not straight. The fact we have to "come out" as not being heterosexual is sickening and terrifying. The least society could do is lower this absolute terror.

    Nobody should be afraid of loving another human.

  • Separation of church and state, people!

    While I respect your right to remain faithful to your religion, such things have no place in politics. Just because you personally believe homosexuality is wrong, that doesn't mean you have the right to keep everyone else from having their beliefs, too. If your next door neighbor is gay, and you believe he will burn in hell, go right ahead and believe that. However, his choices have nothing to do with you. Any attempt to "save" him won't be taken kindly. Please, just let people live their own lives in peace.

  • Sexual Orientation shouldn't be endorsed.

    No Sexual Orientation should be endorsed on the masses because all it will do is create discord for those who don't fall into the endorsed group. Homosexuality shouldn't be looked down though because it is a natural expression of human sexuality.
    By the way no one fighting for Civil rights, who understand the fight, cares about denying your religious freedom. You can think what you like but you cannot by any definition of religious freedom force the law of the land to follow your religion.
    Also yes homosexuality is against the bible but so is masturbation, porn, psychics, revealing clothing, tattoos, remarriage, women speaking in holy building, throwing around the old pig sink, premarital sex, pulling out and cheeseburgers along with many things that we do everyday. So should we stop endorsing these because that would mean bye bye American Football and McDonald's?

    Posted by: NSW
  • Because being gay is normal and it is not a choice, and does not change a thing in anyway, the world will still be same.

    Being gay is normal, does not hurt anyone, it is not a choice and it wont do anything big in the world. Why should not people who love each other be together, no matter the gender. What if one of my children is fay, why should it suffer because he is gay, why should he not live a normal life?

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