Homosexuals are born homosexual, and can't choose to be heterosexual.

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  • If homosexuality was a choice, people wouldn't commit suicide over being gay.

    Take Tyler Clementi from Rutgers University, for example. Some classmates of his uploaded a video of him having homosexual intercourse to Facebook. He was so upset about being gay, he jumped off a bridge for it. He's not the only one. Many gay people say they can't change, and I'm pretty sure they know more about it than straight religious bigots.

  • If it was a choice, explain this.

    Explain why after all of the treatment people give them, the hate, the disrespect, etc. They want to be a homosexual. If it were a choice, some would choose heterosexuality because there are those who disrespect them and hate them for being different. It is NOT a mental disorder, either. If it is a choice, I challenge you to 'choose' homosexuality. Many wouldn't want to change even if they could, because love isn't just always between a man and woman, people need to understand that people are different, and to deal with it.

  • Research indicates this is the case.

    The more research we do on the topic, the more support inborn sexuality has. To claim that one can simply choose to be attracted to someone of the same sex, or if attracted to the same sex can just "turn it off" and choose to be heterosexual shows a profound ignorance of human sexuality.

  • Sometimes, they would if they could.

    What about people who are being tormented every single day. When I say people, I'm not just saying the 15-year-old kid who's being bullied. This happens in every generation, in every social setting. People who are homosexual are being tormented about who they are, to the point where the want to kill themselves. If they could choose, in this instance, wouldn't they? Wouldn't they just choose to be straight and all their problems would go away? People don't like being bullied. People don't like being depressed. You are born with your sexuality, just like you are born with your hair color or eye color.

  • Why does this question exist?

    Nobody asks to live a harder life, a life in which they are taunted and belittled endlessly. If they could choose, I'm sure most would go with heterosexual, as it is the norm in society. Sexual orientation comes down to genetics, and no one is in charge of the hand that is dealt to them at birth.

  • I am straight and I believe it is how you are born

    Why would a teenage boy who is gay choose to be gay? Many commit suicide because of the ridicule, don't you think if they could just change who they love they would? Many people in ancient Rome were gay, many rulers and it wasn't thought off to be a sin. It wasn't a trend, it was about who you love.

  • They Are Born That Way

    I believe that many people see gays as 'choosing' to be gay, but in my opinion, that is not the case. They are born gay! Look at it this way, if a teen in high school is being bullied to the point of being suicidal, don't you think that they would 'choose' to be straight? No, because they can't help who they are attracted to. They say that 1 in every 10 people are gay. So, for you Christians against gays, that means 1 of the 12 disciples were probably gay. I do not believe being gay is wrong, and gays are humans too, and should be treated like it.

  • Being born gay makes the most logical sense.

    Being gay is difficult. There are people who hate you and make you feel bad overall. That being said, why would anyone want to choose being harassed, embarrassed, and emotionally confused? The ideas that go through your head before coming out are terrifying. You feel that you won't be accepted by the people you love the most. It makes you depressed and lonely. Again, why would anyone want to feel those feelings. Life is hard enough; so why add more pain? This is why I believe that being homosexual is ingrained in the brain. I always use this simple analogy to describe what being a homosexual is like. I like the color pink. If you ask me why, I would say I don't know. I just like pink; I can't explain how or why but I just do. I don't like the color yellow, as much as I tried I still simply do not like yellow. I pretended to like the color yellow in the 1st grade to make friends but in the end I just don't like the color yellow. Some may argue, "Than, how can people go from being gay to straight and visa verse during their life time?" Just as in my color analogy, people pretend so that people like them. People can pretend and pretend. Some people for their whole lives. So, that is my opinion.

  • Your born this way

    If you are born black i cannot change you and you cannot change you. You cannot tell a black person that they are making a very bad decisoin to be black. You cannot speand every sunday reciting from the bible that women are evil and they all belong in hell for choosing to have a vagina. So why should you be aloud to tell gay people any of these things? They have just as much control over their sexuality as i do over my race and my gender... None.

  • No on the 'homosexuals are born homosexual'.

    I do, however, believe that a homosexuals cannot change their sexuality. It's simple, really. I don't believe people are born gay, I think they discover it about them selves that they simply are.Sexuality is no different from having a favorite book, song, or video game. No one has a choice in their interests, and the same goes for someone's sexuality. If you like men, you like men. And that's all there is to it.

  • I am a Homosexual and I DO NOT believe I was Born Gay

    This is absolutely outrageous to assume that humans are born with a sexual orientation. I believe orientation is determined by a person's life and the situations they encounter and the environment they were raised in. I was molested at the age of 8 years old. My first sexual experience was with a male, so I believe that ever since the molestation, I have been used to being gay and being intimate with men. I have seen plenty of guys become confused or unsure of their sexuality. I hate it when people compare being gay with being black or a woman. People know whether they are a certain race or gender. Sexual Orientation changes and develops over time. There are plenty of stories where totally straight men are given a homosexual encounter and from that point on, identify as gay or bi. If someone was born that way, they would exhibit such behavior their whole lives. There wouldn't such a thing as confusion or doubt. If someone was born that way, they would know. There is also NO scientific evidence that shows someone is born gay or straight. If anything, as mammals we should be naturally inclined to pursue the opposite sex for reproductive reasons.

  • Wow are you serious??

    I'm currently on a debate about this sort of. No way possible you can be born gay that's STUPID. Homosexuals are CONFUSED. Homosexuals always start out as, "Do I like guys?" or "Am I gay?". It always starts as questioning themselves to their gender likings. Sometimes homosexuals can start off by being sexually abused causing them to dislike the same sex. In terms of mental health, LGBT youth were more likely to report depression and depressive symptoms, previous suicide attempts, and non-suicidal self-injury. In terms of sexual health, LGBT youth were more likely to report sex risk behaviors, a deficit in HIV education. If a young female child were sexually abused by a male this can cause them to change their likings in the opposite gender to like the same gander (Female). It's their past trauma & childhood that keeps haunting them. So How common is bullying that targets lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered (LGBT) kids? According to a survey conducted by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, 84.6 percent of all LGBT students reported being verbally harassed at school about their sexual orientation within the past year, while 40 percent reported being physically attacked.

    Get outta here with that lame excuse. Homosexuals do not deserve comfort.

  • No No No

    This notion is absurd!

    During the earliest stages of infancy (post birth) a child's brain has nowhere near the capacity required to make advanced decision such a sexual orientation choice. There is no 'Gay' gene, it is simply the the influences a person is subjected that create or amplify feelings and insecurities that impact our 'normal' social function.

    Homosexuality is an individual choice that deviates from our original design based function (opposite sex attraction). In a theological sense God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.

  • No real data in support of a genetic cause outside of choice!

    Because evolution itself is a biological choice through natural learning at the cell level and below , and man's concept of self and his ability to reason as supported by his interactions in life, proving their are indeed choices at most all levels and thus science and reason it self seem to support that choices are a key factor in a consensus reality. Humanity & science and cognitive thinking put forth
    the proof of choice itself.

  • It's A Choice

    I do believe it's a choice as most that I know I am fully aware that they have done it by choice. My best friend's mother, mother's partner, uncle, and cousin (this only counting direct family) have done it by choice. Many old friend's as well. There is no proof that anyone is born not hetero and in animals it's been proved that their hormones kick in towards the opposite sex.

  • It evolves over time.

    The way you act around others, your likes/dislikes, and a lot of your personality comes from where you grew up and environment in general. Your sexual orientation is no different. For example, I grew up in a family that loved hockey. What do I love? Hockey. The way I was raised and the environment I grew up in caused that "evolution" for the love of hockey. In a sexuality matter: if someone grows up with sexual encounters

  • I am gay and I do not believe you are born with any sexual orientation

    I believe sexual orientation evolves over time. People say there is proof that you are born gay, but there is no proof. Scientists have tried time and time again to prove that you are born gay or born straight, but they just cannot come up with enough conclusive evidence. Personally, I believe that I made choices that led me into the gay lifestyle. Of course I didn't sit here and say, "Yes, I want to be gay!!". That is NOT what I am saying. All I am saying is that I made choices (that could have very easily been made the other way) that affected my sexual orientation. I believe I have developed this over time and I definitely do not believe I was born this way. I honestly just find the way men act is more attractive than women. I do not find hardly any women physically attractive and I believe that the Female Reproductive organs are quite repulsive. I am in no way trying to be rude to women or be degrading to them. I just believe that the whole assumption that we are born gay or straight is totally outrageous. It is something that develops over time like EVERY OTHER like and dislike. I always compare sexual orientation to taste buds. At one point, you may like a certain food or gender. Certain experiences and relationships can change this just like different foods and combinations can allow a person to like something they hated prior. We like certain colors, movies, hobbies, sports, and books. We are not born to like these, they just adapt over time and we may like something else more when we are exposed to it.

  • It is a choice

    Just like a rapist chooses to rape even if he has strong urges to do so. It does not mean that the person who has an urge to rape now has the right to do so. It is evident that homosexuals want to walk all over others to force everybody to accept their lifestyle that is inherently bad for people.

  • People aren't born gay. It's difficult to change, but possible.

    I'll preface this with a few words. I do not hate gay people or people who have a different sexual orientation than I do. I may disagree, but that doesn't equal bigotry.

    People aren't born gay. People are born to have tendencies towards a certain desire, certainly. In Ireland, growing up in a family of drinkers doesn't force you to drink, but it certainly would sway you to be a drinker more than it would for you to be a non drinker. You aren't born a drunkard, but you do have a tendency. Sexuality is the same way, environment is key. Growing up with the right parents and the right friends will heavily sway you to be straight, to avoid homosexual temptations, etc.

    If people were born gay, and not simply have tendencies, then change wouldn't be possible. But it is. It isn't easy, it takes immense inner will, but it has and can be done.

  • At most, it might be an epigenetic trait...

    Human homosexuality is a complex behavior that cannot be simply codified into DNA. I believe that most of the evidence points to it being more of a nurture issue than nature in most of the cases. There are of course some medical conditions which may greatly influence homosexuality, but these are few and far apart. At best, it might be an epigenetic trait. There have been many cases studied of identical twins (ie same DNA) where 1 twin is a homosexual and the other is not.

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