Homosexuals should be allowed to become Catholics.

Asked by: camadkins13
  • The Catholic Church is about love, acceptance, and questions, not discrimination, bigotry, and violence.

    If you ask any Catholic "What is your church really all about?" or "Why should I join the Catholic Church?" or even "Why are you Catholic?" they always give the same answer: "I'm Catholic because I enjoy being part of a church that is all about loving and accepting people for who they are, and to promote non-violence against all groups of people, and to help people realize that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior." Okay, so why do a lot of Catholics hate gay people? The New Testament says nothing about how the church should hate gays or love everyone except gays, so why (this is for only some churches who do not allow gays in their parish) would you not let homosexuals, or even bisexuals to attend mass and become a Roman Catholic like everyone else can? If the Catholic Church is really about love and acceptance, if the Catholic Church is really about peace and questions, please tell me, why that doesn't apply to gays? There are parishes that welcome them into mass and to become Catholics. There are parishes that allow gays to come in, but only to change their ways, I'm even hearing about some parishes performing same-sex marriages "underground," so why is this even an issue? LET GAYS BECOME CATHOLICS!

  • Remember from whence we all came

    "remember that you were at that time separate from Christ, excluded from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers to the covenants of promise, having no hope and without God in the world. But now in Christ Jesus you who formerly were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ. - Ephesians 2:11-14
    We were all once strangers to the gospel. We were all at one point in enmity toward God. How will those who disobey His Word learn the consequences of doing so without being in a place where they will hear it preached?
    While I am not Catholic (I'm Anglican), every man is obligated to live by the same Law, to accept the same pardon, and to obey the same God. We are not accepting that homosexuality is biblical, as it is not. However, we must accept that, as Saint Augustine once said, the church is a hospital for sinners. If the church cannot allow the sinners to come into its doors and hear the Gospel preached, then the church has lost its goal.

  • Of course they should

    Being a homosexual is just a sin, not a straight shot to hell. Besides, as far as I remember and as far as has been scientifically proven of the brain, homosexuality isn't a choice, it's something you're either born with or something you gradually develop in your life, through relationships and experiences. I've even heard from some masses I've gone to that God loves us all, even the worst of the sinners. If the worst sin is (arguably) murder, why shouldn't gays be loved by all?

  • Who are you to say who should be allowed to become part of a religion?

    I'm an atheist and a lesbian, but if someone wants to become a Catholic, who are you to say, "No you shouldn't be able to do that because you enjoy kissing the same sex." To me, the fact that 67% of people saying homosexuals shouldn't be allowed to become Catholic is just stupid and immature. Are they hurting you? No. Are they hurting your faith? No. So why should it matter? Why are you so destined to say no to everything?

  • "Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner"

    As a Roman Catholic of the Latin Church and a strong individualist at that, I have no qualms if gays want to become Catholics. The fact of the matter is that no mere mortal can judge these people, only god can do that. If a homosexual wishes to join the Catholic church or any church for that matter they should be welcomed.

    We see everyone as children of god and thus we must look at the individual and see if they are worthy and willing to be a good person. I may hate the sin(in this case, homosexuality) but we must love the sinner. Revenge or ill will has no place under the Golden Rule, and I think if the Great Pope John Paul II can forgive the man that tried to assassinate him, Roman Catholics can welcome gays into the Church, and usually they do so in an attempt to seek help on their urges or simply find community, as again the only person that can judge them ultimately is the Father Almighty.

    As someone who has a Jewish Lesbian in their class, I think that anyone if they wish can join any religion they wish and stay if they want to.

  • It doesn't make too much sense but....

    I personally don't know why you would want to join a religion that has historically made it very clear that they don't accept your way of life, but if you want to, go on ahead. I actually don't see why anyone said no XD because we most definitely have the freedom of religion in the U.S. and I don't see why a money-making church would deny anyone entry because we all secretly know that churches can be pretty money-hungry.

  • Yes they should be allowed.

    I can see why this is still a problem in this century. But to me why should this be a problem ? We are all human, living and breathing. As a woman of colour I find it embarrassing that our race yet still tries to segregate and exclude people because of their sexual orientation. I mean those who are homophobic, how are they any different to those who were living whilst segregation took place. Are people therefore not hypocrites of their own beliefs? By then trying to look at another point of view, right now there are several white supremacists that exist in this world, a person of colour would not dare to interact themselves with them or interact, therefore why should a homosexual enter a place that excludes them. I support the whole LBGTQ (probably didst spell it right), and just wanted to look at it from another point of view, however I still stand by my first point that yes they should be allowed. A persons sexual orientation shouldn't decide whether someone should gain membership of a religion or not. If homosexuality is considered a 'Sin', and we are ALL sinners then why should a homosexual, who would be branded a sinner be banished from becoming part of a religion ? This does not make sense. We are judging people when we do not have any right to do so. Its Gods will, its his judgement, we are here to serve him so why ?

  • Huh, learning something new I guess

    I didn't know (assuming being gay even is a sin) that you had to be free of sin in order to follow a religion. I guess no one should be Catholic then since we all sin. Hypocrites like the people in the 'no' column are what the world needs to get rid of, not gay people.

  • I vote yes!

    There is a verse in the Bible that basically says; if you let everyone (EVERYONE!!!!) worship at my feet, then I shall reward you greatly. Also, it says; if you judge them, then I shall judge you just as harshly. If you do not let homosexuals join your church, then you are disobeying God's will.

  • Catholic means universal.

    Jesus constantly talks through out the bible about being inclusive, not exclusive. That is part of the reason why the Catholic Church is called the Catholic Church. Being a homosexual person is not even a sin according to the Catholic Church, only the sexual act is. If homosexuality is not a choice, and someone is homosexual from birth, then it is immoral to deny them from the Catholic Church. As for homosexual people who do the sexual act, Jesus said " I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance" (Luke 5:32). It seems immoral to deny people from the Catholic Church, especially when the Catholic Church claims to be the only way to heaven (except for those ignorant of the Catholic Church), as seen in CCC 846-848.

  • Why should someone, who disagrees fundamentally with the Bible, be allowed to join a society with the bible at its core

    This is a very sensitive topic, and it is difficult for me to pose an argument on the con without sounding offensive. However, what we have here is not an issue with Homosexuals, it is clearly an issue from the other side. I find it slightly unusual that anyone would want to join a society that in written form condones acts of discrimination, bigotry and violence in the base text. This remains, however, the choice of the society itself to do so, it may be morally conflicted, but nevertheless is their choice. If all of a sudden they did change ''the rules'', it would be a deviation from traditional principles spoke through the ''word of god''. They can think what they want to think, that's fair enough, it is their right to do so on the condition that it does not impede on the outside world. Again I have no idea, why, as a homosexual, you feel the need to subside to this kind of establishment and why you feel as though you cannot worship your god for yourself.

  • The Catholic Church is consciously failing and based on a morally conflicted and sometimes offensive text.

    To make myself clear, I am entirely for the rights of homosexuals and see it as disgraceful that there are still in this day and age societies that promote discrimination, bigotry and violence.
    It seems a mystery to me why homosexuals are often so keen to join this kind of organisation in the first place. The fact is they manage to ''cherry pick'' from the text and ignore some of the most clear and precise insults to their sexuality.
    I am going to argue not on behalf of the Catholic Church but on the behalf of the greater good. Generally, the Catholic Church and religion I would say promote for the vast majority a sound moral compass and some sense of fulfilment, which is healthy. I believe that therefore the Church should be allowed to survive in the newly awakened world, with fantastic new ideas of free speech for all individuals. However, support for the Catholic Church itself is weakening, partly as a result of its lackadaisical approach to the condition of dogs souls, but also in response to growing pressures such as this. The fact is there is no explanation for why this is wrong, they are aware that it seems unholy to preach against free love or more specifically refer to gay sex as 'an abomination' and 'detestable', but there is now nothing they can do about it. Managing to mask the meaning behind a statement of god that is so clear is almost impossible. A decision to backtrack and re-write the Bible would create a large sense of scepticism around the authenticity of the Bible and threaten the Church ultimately.
    The idea of a ''Gay Catholic'' is an astonishingly ludicrous oxymoron, with emphasis on moron.
    What needs to evolve is religion itself, trying to uphold the morality of the fundamental texts nowadays is becoming almost impossible, the Catholic Church is outdated and although promoting as you said ''love'' and ''acceptance'' it is too conflicted to survive.

  • Differences in fundamental beliefs.

    As was stated above, in the Bible homosexuality is condemned as an appalling sexual perversion. Yes, the church is intended to bring sinners to redemption, and gays may attend Catholic services if they wish. However, bringing them into the church as members is an obvious act of acceptance of their lifestyle, which again, is incompatible with the Scriptures. Becoming a member of a church requires a resolution to follow that church's teachings at least regarding the basic tenets of that religion. If gays want to be Catholic, then they are perfectly welcome to do so, provided they renounce their homosexual lifestyle. God loves you as you are now, but he also loves you enough to not let you stay in your sin.

  • Of course not!

    Homosexuality is a sin. It is something that God is against and the Catholics have every right to be against it as they are also followers of God. God made man and woman so they can reproduce and keep the human race alive. Apparently, homosexuals can't be involved in the process of reproduction unless they have sexual intercourse with the opposite sex (which would mean they would have to deny their sexual orientation. How sad.)

  • I don't want the gays.

    Speaking as a gay man they are gross. We eat trash and don't clean themselves. WWJD. Not let us in thats what. Z z z zz z z z z z z z z z z zz z z z z z z z zz z z z zz z

  • This is stupid

    To be in a religion means you are agreeing to their beliefs, rules and regulations. Catholics do not believe homosexuality is natural or deemed acceptable by God.

    If homosexuals wish to follow God and have view similar to Catholics then they can start their own religion!!! You can't force traditional Catholics to accept you into their group.

  • Religion should be banned as a whole

    Religion is just another way to get around hating people. Being gay or trans or anything isn't immoral, morality is subjective. And either way, it isn't a choice. You don't have a say in what is and isn't moral, because morality doesn't really exist. Homosexuality and transgenderism are both psychological, and have nothing to do with choices. Anyway, Catholicism is a foolish religion just like all the others, and because of this, religion should be abolished for its hateful views.

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