Hong Kong Election: Will a free vote give the city's poorest residents too much power?

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  • No, it will improve the Honk Kong Election

    Everyone, including the poorest citizens should have their say, As they are entitled just as much as anyone one else to decide who would be the best candidate to be put in power. Giving poorer residents in Hong Kong the vote will not give them too much power, instead it will give them their say on who will help improve and strengthen Honk Kong's economy and policies from their point of view.

  • No, a free vote will not give the poorest residents too much power

    In my opinion, all residents should have the right to vote for the political member or party they feel would benefit them most. Hong Kong should be no different, and a free vote will be good for the country. Perhaps following the election, the country will realize what is truly important to its citizens.

  • Free vote Hong Kong

    Uh no I do not think that a free vote will give any one too much power not even the city's poorest residents. A free vote is where a legislator can choose who they want to vote for based on their own personal consistence decisions. I do not thin that this is a power struggle.

  • Free Vote is Called Democracy

    Democracy involves each citizen having the right to vote. Since there are more poor than wealthy in the world, the poor tend to have more impact on the vote. What is happening in Hong Kong is natural and part of the process. The poor will have substantial political influence because they are numerous.

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