Hong Kong Millionaire Spends $20 Million on Rolls Royce Vehicles: Should Stephen Hung have spent $20 Million on the luxury vehicles?

  • Yes. It is his right to spend as much as we wants on anything he wants.

    Stephen Hung can spend his money how he wants to spend his money. If he wants to spend it on Cars, he can and we shouldn't judge him for it. He doesn't judge you when you spend your money on that expensive cup of Starbucks coffee instead of brewing it for less money at home. He doesn't judge you if you spend that dollar on that lottery ticket instead of putting in your child's college fund. He has the right to spend his money how he wants to and so do you. Just because he has a lot of money shouldn't make him spend it any differently.

  • Lux Car Overload is OK

    Since Hung lives in a system that allows him to create such wealth, there should be no reason to say he shouldn't have done it. While ideally the money would go to better causes, no one should tell someone how to spend money that is doing it to buy legal goods/

  • If you earn the money, why can't you spend it the way you want?!

    I am all for allowing people that have earned money fairly to spend it the way they choose. If Hong Kongs Millionaire received money in an honest way I.E. having earned the money without stealing from others, then he should be able to spend it the way he wants. While I probably wouldn't spend that much money on cars, why can't he?

  • I don't agree with it

    There are starving babies out there and dude wants to buy a car that is that expensive? I mean I guess it's his money, but dang. Really? Who needs a car that expensive? Why was it even worth that much to begin with? That thing better have a toilet in it with an automatic butt wiper, snacks, and self-driving software to be worth that much.

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