Hope Solo decided to end her season with NWSL's Seattle Reign. Is she being treated unfairly?

  • Hope Solo treated unfairly.

    I absolutely believe she is being treated unfairly. Free speech is what being American is all about. She should absolutely be able to speak her mind. Olympians are supposed to be role models, for some reason. It's not fair to them. Aren't there professional football players who have been arrested for violent crimes, and they return to the game? Why are some athletes supposed to be perfect, and others can do terrible things and return to the game?

  • No, Hope Solo has earned censure with her unsportsmanlike behavior

    Sports captures the public imagination because it's about more than just winning. We expect prominent athletes to show us how the game should be played--and that includes graciousness in defeat as well as in victory. Hope Solo's outburst following the US women's team's loss to Sweden in Rio was inappropriate and unsportsmanlike, and the censure of the US team was an appropriate response.

  • I don"t think so

    Hope Solo is probably one of our best US women's goalies ever , and is very talented, but she's gotten pretty much leeway for her poor behavior over the years. I'm sorry she's done with the USWNT but I'm not sure she would have been treated differently if she were a male player.

  • No, I do not believe she is being treated unfairly.

    Hope Solo's inappropriate conduct over a lengthy period of time should have resulted in these consequences much sooner. Her skill as a player may have something to do with her continued play until the Rio incident, but her behavior was not becoming of a professional athlete, especially one representing their entire country.

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