Horror movies getting more cheesier and/or predictable.

  • Definitely. Horror is trash now.

    Just way too many of them are predictable nowadays. Plots feel the same. SUPER shallow with cookie cutter, Generic characters that are easily forgettable. Jumpscares feel empty, No tense moments. Hopefully one day horror directors can start making original films again instead of just copying their competition that way horror will make a comeback.

  • Of course Yes

    I may be wrong but it seems like every single new movie is really predictable a clear example could be “the nun” that movie was predictable ass hell I guess you could say that they do have some parts in the movie that are pretty good but they are ruined by something predictable or maybe it’s just me

  • Without a doubt.

    Horror movies are becoming too predictable. This is because once. Good horror movie is released, About 10 to 20 different horror films are made with almost the exact same plot and storyline. Take Annabelle for example. While it wasn’t the best quality, The film’s storyline was intruiging and well thought out. After its release, However, Several other movies, Including Mandy the Doll, Were released with doll-related stories.
    While movies like Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elmstrteet, And Halloween are considered cheesy compared to todays movies, They were scary for their time and are very good. If film makers today could come up with original films like these, Scary movies could takeback their title as scary and we could enjoy actually scary movies once again.

  • I believe that horror movies are getting really cheesy.

    Horror movies, While they are entertaining and create great atmosphere, Are getting mushed into being predictable. They start off very different, But almost all slasher movies have similar kills and a soundtrack that plays when someone is about to be killed. Yes, There are good movies out there like the Halloween series, The Saw series, All the Friday the 13th movies, All the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, And many more, That know how to set up a really good horror franchise, There are also many other movies that are unbearable to watch from poor set up.

  • Not all Horror movies

    Yes I agree that most horror movies are getting cheesier but there are a few exceptions. Yes, There is a lot of shit horror movies that go out there that are just garbage. Shitty plot, Shitty characters, Shitty conflict, Shitty solution. But there has been horror movies that have experimented with different kinds of plots, Conflicts in recent years. Movies like BirdBox (62% rotten tomatoes), A Quiet Place (95%), Get Out (98%), IT (85%), And Don't Breathe (88%) have been some highly viewed and rated horror movies. Get Out was nominated for the Academy Award for BEST PICTURE in 2018. There have been five other films EVER that have been nominated for best picture. The Exorcist (1974), Jaws (1976), Silence of the Lambs (1991), The Sixth Sense (2000), Black Swan (2011) and Get Out (2017) with Silence of the Lambs being the only winner. Being nominated for best picture as a horror movie is almost unheard of and a horror movie winning is even more rare. The only exception to the changing plots of horror movies is the film IT, Because it is a remake. IT is a good horror movie although it may have some clown cliches. . . The humor of the young kids and darkness of Pennywise keeps the film entertaining and a great movie to watch. BirdBox may not have been the best horror movie of recent years but it was entertaining. There was a lot of dry humor and the creepiness of the film kept it entertaining. The ending was kind of stupid but they experimented with a different kind of horror movie plot. People are used to seeing ghosts, Witches, Demons and possessions in horror movies with a haunted house and a retarded family/group of friends that makes stupid decisions. Horror movies are experimenting with different plots that make them more exciting and fresh. Which is why horror movies are just as good if not better than before.

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