Hosting the Olympic games: Do the Olympic boost national pride?

  • Yes, for a certain time period.

    The pride of hosting the Olympics is very real, but it only lasts for a brief while. As with Greece when the games were hosted in Athens, they went all out. However, after the games were over the country was left with the huge expense they had undertaken and their debt worsened.

  • Olympics raise ethnocentrism.

    Hosting the Olympic games brings a swelling of national pride and ethnocentrism to the hosting country. Who would not be proud to have their country selected out of hundreds to be the host which are witnessed by millions around the world. The level of showmanship can be unparallelled in opening and closing ceremonies.

  • No, it will cost the country too much.

    The Olympic games costs far too much to host, especially for developing countries which have high levels of poverty. Many people say that the millions of pounds spent on the olympics should have been spent on combating poverty. This is what I believe about the impact of the olympics games.

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