Hosting the Olympic games: Does the Olympics benefit the economy of its host?

  • Hosting Olympics Helps Host

    Yes, hosting the Olympic Games helps the economy of its host by increasing tourism. Once a nation has hosted the Olympic Games, it is talked about more often in the rest of the world. This is a superb form of advertising, and makes that nation seem more appealing to visit.

  • Yes. The Olympic Games greatly benefits the economy of the host country.

    Yes. The host country of the Olympic Games enjoys economic benefits for at least a temporary period of time prior to the start of the games, and shortly after the Games are finished. The host country typically receives federal funding to beautify the area in which the games are held, and they also are able to market licensed product from the respective games, even after the games are through.

  • The Olympics cause big damages to the common people

    Beijing Olympics force the homeless out of thier twon for security reasons. Also they blackout because of the high electricity was used in the Olympics. China didn't considered the economic damage to the comman people. Lastly, they excessively restricted the entering foreigners so it caused damages to restaurants and accommodations too. This is the reason why I think hosting Olympic
    is not good.

  • It is risky

    A lot of money is put in for the preparations of the games , such as building of new venues for specific sports like basketball. Also, a lot of special effects and fireworks are used in the Opening Ceremony and maybe the Closing Ceremony which marks the start and end of the games respectively. This costs a lot of money and the host country may have less money after the Olympics have ended.

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