House votes to allow VA to prescribe Marijuana: Should the Senate follow suit?

  • Marijuana needs to be carefully prescribed.

    I am not opposed to marijuana in a carefully moderated, medical setting, so I am OK with the VA allowing prescription use. However, I would be against marijuana being completely legalized without a prescription, like it is in the state of Colorado. It needs to be monitored to prevent abuse, especially among teens.

  • The results speak for themselves.

    The use of marijuana for medicinal purposes has shown very promising results over and over again. It is time for the government to open their minds to the idea of allowing use of this drug, for both medicinal and recreational purposes. I feel that a lot more studying needs to be done, but at this time, it seems to be helpful.

  • Medical marijuanna is good

    Many of our veterans suffer from conditions that would benefit from a marijuana prescription. There are enough studies telling us that it won't hurt people, only help them. Our veterans deserve the best care possible, and if that means they need Mary Jane to feel better, then VA doctors should give it to them.

  • Yes. Medical marijuana is valuable medicine.

    I think that the House's vote is great progress for veteran health care. At the current time, many people who suffer from maladies that can be helped with medical marijuana are blocked from using this valuable treatment. By allowing the VA to prescribe medical marijuana, patients will have access to these therapies in a controlled and legal setting.

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