Housing Market Recovery: Is student loan debt deterring Millennials and Gen Xers from home purchases?

  • Yes, the Average in student loan debt is keeping many Millenials and Gen Xers from entering the housing market.

    Students Loans are a great way to set yourself back a decade or more when you have to pay your loans back and increase that with interest. Most students that have high tuition fees and need federal loans to stay in schools make sacrifices to maintain their education while hoping that a future awaits them when they graduate. It can be a daunting reality when compounded interest on your monthly school loans can be higher than an actual mortgage and deterring students from entering into the housing market.

  • Yes! I agree

    I actually happen to have student loans debt, and it is ridiculous how much it is! I can't even imagine having to add payments for buying a home right now, nor do I have the credit to actually do that. An education is way to expensive in America, it sucks.

  • No, it isn't deterring them

    No, I don't think it is deterring Gen Xers from home purchases, as although they count as a debt in terms of taking it out of your monthly spend it is still minimal. Its more rising house prices and stagnant or dropping wages combined with price increases of food and utilities that are stopping people who currently rent from buying their own homes

  • Student Debt is Not to Blame

    Student debt is not to blame for milennials and gen Xers not buying homes. They aren't buying homes because people in these generations are living an older "childhood." They do not look for extra responsibility. Student loan debt is also mostly in Federal loans, which is low interest. This would not keep someone from buying a home.

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