Houston Popeye's Robbery: Should chain fast-food restaurants have more security?

  • They should pay to be a safe place

    With the amount of money earnt by chain fast-food restaurants, it should be made compulsory to pay a certain amount of funding in order to protect both the restaurant and the customers. The effect of profit is so little in comparison to the safety provided. However, it should also be the communities actions that are controlled in order to make a safer environment.

  • Yes, I do believe that chain fast-food restaurants should have more security.

    The reason that I believe that chain fast-food restaurants should have more security is because I do not like it when robbers go and rob or kill people at restaurants. There should be more security and if there was more security then the police could get there faster and it would be easier for them to make arrests.

  • Use Law Enforcement

    I do not believe chain fast-food restaurants need more security. They should be able to operate their restaurant without any security, other than video cameras, if they decide to use them. Employees should be paid a fair wage and educated about the dangers of a robbery. They should also be trained for proper responses.

  • No, I don't believe that is necessary.

    While what happened in Houston is very unfortunate, I don't believe adding more security is the answer. Most fast food chains never experience a robbery, or if they do it happens very infrequently. Adding more security would be very expensive especially for chains that have low profit margins. I think only restaurants in very high crime areas should take extra precautions.

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