• Houston Texans are worthless

    I just finished watching defeat number 3 for the Texans it is clear they were out coach. The Giants receivers were always wide open. The Texans killed themselves with penalties for the second straight game and nobody has coach Watson on how to find his targets quickly. New coaching is in order

  • The Houston Texans are the Worst NFL Team This Year

    The Houston Texans are the worst NFL team this year. Between their poor selection of players and their seemingly difficult game schedule, they have yet to secure the winning streak that they need to excel. Unfortunately, compared to other teams, this makes them one of the worst teams currently playing in the NFL.

  • I'm not sure

    If you look at early October, it was Miami, but the Vikings and Eagles aren't looking so good now. In the power rankings, Cleveland is at the bottom, so there are plenty of bad teams to choose from. The Texans just lost to San Diego, and Osweiler's season is being called laughable, so they are in the running.

  • The Cleveland Browns

    The Houston Texans are definitely bad, but the city of Cleveland even knows their team is so bad they are planning a parade for a perfect season if the Browns don't win any games. It's hard to believe with the draft picks they get, but Cleveland continues to be the worst team year after year.

  • I don't think the Texans are the worst team this season.

    While the Texans are performing horribly this season I don't think they are the worst team. Other teams have performed very badly: Browns and the Chiefs are two. There is still some time to improve but reaching the playoffs is obviously out of the question now but hopes for next year are always a possibility.

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