How can god expect us to be good and judge us when he did not teach us right from wrong? Yes if he can rightfully.

Asked by: steffon66
  • Good honest judges are always impartial

    Some say God is whatever created us, if so then as we exist, and didn't always exist as we are now, we were somehow created, and if we call whatever created us God. In this i agree that God exists.Some people say God is good, God is fair and loves everyone. Other people ask that if God is good how can God allow so much evil to exist in the world. The bible claims the universe was created in six days and man was formed from mud, or dust or something like that. Whose days were they? Our days or God's days?- clearly they must be God's days as until our sun and planet were formed there were no earth days. How long is a God day? I don't know but I suspect they were a very long time.

    Was our creation from dust instantaneous or over millennia? If over time, then another word for that is evolution. The guiding principle of evolution is survival of the fittest and sexual selection. In other words, start life, stand back and see what happens without interfering. For this God, good is surviving, bad is extinction. This is how the God of evolution judges it's creations. The result of God's approval is a little more time on the planet as a species, sadly not an everlasting eternity cuddled up to a grandfatherly fellow with a white beard.

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