How can humans change themselves for the better? As humans we have destroyed this planet while we segregated and trampled over each other.

Asked by: REmixer
  • Don't be Douches.

    Just don't.

    I know i make it seem simpler than it is, but if every single human in this world were to somehow understand that if we all were to focus on another as much as we focus on ourselves, the world will be intrinsically better.

    Assist your fellow Man/woman across the street if required, carry some bags of shopping without the intention of stealing it, or other nefarious deeds that are planned from such endeavors. Allow some embarrassment to yourself for the enjoyment of others, and if you see another in an embarrassing situation, appreciate the humor without being cruel about it.
    Recognize that we ALL are imperfect - and that is just perfect by all of us :)

    As the soon to be famous Bill and Ted say : "Be excellent to one another, and PARTY ON DUUUDES!"

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