• Stop the one child-policy

    Although I am told that the one-child policy isn't strictly enforced, especially out of cities, it's the main motivator behind the gendercide. Of course, this would open a can of worms, because China's population is a little out of control, although it is nothing when compared to India. It's a tough nut to crack.

  • Uhhhh, no. Disagree.

    You're basically saying that what happens somewhere else doesn't affect you. Wrong. Let's put what you say into perspective, when the Jews were being killed off one by one, did you simply not become affected by that? You are allowing terrible things to happen when they can be stopped. Yes, the population is overpopulated. Yes, in China the population is overpopulated. However, if you continue to only allow one gender to thrive and the other one to diminish, what happens further to the women who are in this country? Violence goes up. Rape goes up. Sex traffic goes up. You're still saying that it doesn't affect you? Well, let's move along further. When the population is at a point from men to women at 10-1, will this country continue to be able to produce...At ALL? No. You are essentially killing off a population. Plus, promoting crimes to happen in another country, when there are different solutions available. Such as helping the country recognize the value of both men and women. Although the population wouldn't diminish within your life time, it will diminish in your generations future, and it is your responsibility as a human being to ensure it does not finish. Take a look further into the benefits of having China and India as living populations. I bet the majority of the things made in your house are made in China. Plus, you are promoting something that is just plain wrong. The killing of innocent people.

  • Don't live in China none of my business

    If that's China's way of controlling their population that's how it's going to be. There's obviously many reasons why they're doing this. And I'm not sure what you mean gendercide but if you mean they have a less female to male ratio I would say that would actually balance out their population better since it's women that bring children into the world. Less women there might be unfortunate for the bachelors in China but if they're going to control the population they should opt to not birth girls if it's possible.

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