• The age of majority needs to go back to being 21 like before the Vietnam war?

    The age of majority use to be 21 before the Vietnam war but was lowered durning the Vietnam war during the 1970s because they needed more young soldiers to fight in the war. That was child abuse how could you make a minor child go and fight in a war where was DCFS when that happend. Children are not ready to become fully competent adults at 18 because they their brains are still developing and they are still going through adolescence it's not fair to try a child at 18 because they are still developing adolescent teenagers. How are we going to raise the age of majority back to 21?

  • Changing the age of majority is stupid

    Its just stupid and who is to tell us what we can or can not do at any age isnt this a free country like come on now im 15 years old and i should be able to do what i want when i turn 18 its my right or am i wrong

  • Keep the age at 18

    For starters let's make something clear the brain doesn't really stop developing it just slows down. A study of middle-aged taxi drivers showed they grew new neurons in the hippocampus.

    In most countries it is 18 and it is not a problem.

    Why shouldn't people have freedom while their brain is developing? Then you're basically saying that parents should have total control to shape and mold the person's mind and that they shouldn't get to make any decisions that affect that.

    It's MY brain NOT the government's brain.

    Maybe what you really want to do in life is pursue a certain career path say business but then they raise the age of majority up to 25 and you have to stay with mom and dad on the farm until then and then you go out and try to pursue your career but it's an uphill battle because your brain was developing the fastest while you were stuck on the farm. How is that fair?

    People are meant to get out into the world yes while their brains are still developing. That way we have more diversity in thought and reasoning. That way people don't all wind up with the same preferences and priorities. That way we get diverse and different perspectives.

    Not only should the age of majority stay at 18 but the drinking age should be 18 as well. Moderate drinking for a shy, nerdy kid whose brain is still developing will probably do his brain development some good and he'll be more likely to be able to stand up for himself and to generally have better social skills when he's older. Alters the brain does NOT automatically mean alters for the worse.

    Binge drinking is what does the real damage and when it's illegal people will binge when ever they can get their hands on alcohol.

    The brain is still developing but it's your brain. Everything you do will effect it, but it is yours to effect. 18 is just the right age where people need to start raising and molding themselves through the life experiences they choose.

  • The Age of Majority is Meaningless:

    First and foremost we know now biologically that humans reach maturity between 23-25 neurologically and that the final piece is the reasoning center. To that end there's very little difference between 18 and 21 developmentally, so really there's no point to the shift because it's based on something arbitrary. No.

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