• I feel yes

    Actually, If feel like this should be in the polls section. Because it's not a yes or no question. Plus, just kind of outweighing that shrek post on the other side. So this will go back to reflect the actual votes. Although I do agree that homelessness is a thing that exists.

  • I personally feel that homelessness is a factor that will always exist within capitalism.

    Capitalism will always have a hierarchy of those who are rich, modern, and poor. Our system is based off of money, and it is inevitable. There will always be those who have more, or less. So I personally feel homeless people are in an unfortunate predicament, and if they want to leave their situations they may have to invest in someway (whether that be in a job, or the market, etc.)

  • Homelessness is a Problem

    Homelessness is a problem that the entire Planet is facing. We as a race have the resources to help those that are unable or unwilling to do anything to help themselves. The fact that there are some people who are so greedy that they will go and buy multiple expensive items and treat themselves to something nice and un-needed every time they feel like it but won't give a couple dollars to the man or woman on the corner or sleeping on the public bench. Yes they seem frightful but you would most likely be the same if you were in their predicament.

  • They choose to be in that position and don't do work

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deacc says2016-11-16T14:51:13.397
This is not a yes/no question.