How do you feel about immigration/people from other countries moving into your own?

Asked by: cailynstewart
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  • Homogenity is good

    "Diversity is our Strength" Sarajevo, 1991.
    Why is Japan much safer than America? Because it has a 99% Japanese population. Is America "safer" because of 85 IQ Black males? No, the opposite Actually.
    IQ is mainly Heritable. Hell, would humans who lived in Sweden be the same as Africans? What happened when dumb Swedes didn't prepare for winter? THEY STARVED. Not reproducing the dumb is a great way to increase IQ levels. Somalis who didn't prepare for Winter? Nothing happened really. They just eat food.

  • Immigration is ok legally

    I have absolutely no problem when you do it legally and have no serious crime offenses but when it's illegal, I understand you gotta make more money but it's a crime and I don't really like it when people do it illegally, like Germany they let their borders be open and what happened? Muslims came in and are now pretty much the majority there.

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