• When I grow up, I want to be a potato.

    It's been my dream since childhood to be a potato and people have supported me the whole way through. Im so glad I have loving friends and family who encourage me to seek my buttery and delicious life dreams. Thank you everyone for the love and support, it is much needed in the world today for potatos!

  • I love my potatoes

    Potatoes are so good. I could eat them all day every day. Mashed, fried, baked, boiled, grilled...I don't care as long as it's a potato and it tastes delicious. Potatoes are life! JKJK I'm not that obsessed, but I do love potatoes. I'll even eat them raw I love them that much.

  • I want to be a potato

    Hello, I am currently 14 years old and I want to become a potato. I know there are a million people out there just like me, but I promise you I'm different. On December 19, I'm moving to Lays; home of the greatest potatoes around. I've already cut off both my arms, and now roll on my stomach everywhere I go as training. I may not be a potato yet, but I promise if you give me a chance and the support I need, I will become the greatest potato ever. I have a handy dandy human companion to guide me through this harsh journey and type this up for me. Thank you.

  • I wish I could live off of just potatoes

    There are so many ways to cook and serve potatoes, that I never get tired of them. Not only are they good crops to grow, but they are delicious. Albeit unhealthy in most cases of their cooking, they fill you up if you find yourself lacking in food or money to buy food.

  • Potatoes are love

    Who doesn't love potatoes?
    Who doesn't love hot chips on a raining day?
    Who doesn't love a steaming potatoe with a dob of sour cream?

    Potatoes are yummy, super yummy. They give you carbs and energy for doing sport. I have a lot of potatoes because I do a lot of sport. Potatoes are delicious!

  • Meh... Okay, I guess

    I don't LOVE potatoes, and I don't HATE potatoes, I merely enjoy their company. One potato named Bill has been my dearest friend since childhood, but sadly, not all potatoes are as polite, thoughtful, kind, and eloquent as Bill. One potato I know named Joe has bullied Bill and I since the '90s. He made me cry once. So, because of these two influential potatoes with different personalities, I neither like or dislike potatoes.

    Also, to say I like or dislike all potatoes is kind of potatoist. (Racist towards potatoes.)

  • Yes, I do feel about my potatoes.

    I feel about potatoes very well, in fact I think I'll be a potato breeder when I grow up. I feel very yes about potatoes indeed. I have a poster that is potatoed to my ceiling that says "keep calm and potato on" with a picture of a potato sitting on the soft ground of PEI.

  • Spuddy the potato

    Spuddy is my friend. He is awesome, and he is also useful in case you need a tasty snack during a potential zombie apocalypse. He is also a very useless person, so you would not cry and think 'Oh no, I think that I am accidentally eating my friend.' Thanks

  • Glory unto Potato GLaDOS

    "The path of the scientific cake is beset upon all sides by the inequities of testers and the tyranny of evil mutes. Blessed are cakes who in the name of charity and good will shepherds the weak through the valley of testing, for it is truly his humanity's keeper and the finder of lost knowledge. And I will strike down upon thee with grace neural toxins and furious insults those whom attempt to corrupt and destroy my data. And you will know I am The Potato when I lay my vengeance upon thee." - Machine Saint Potato GLaDOS before her ascension to Machine-hood.

  • I am the leader of the Potatoes, Lord Ruffles IV.

    Hello young 14 year old! You are well on your way to becoming a potato. After reading your inspirational post, I have decided to allow you to perform the test of courage. If you pass, you have a shot at joining the "Potato Salad". Which is the government branch in charge of maintaining potato peace. Your training will begin January 7th in hopes of teaching you the skills to survive the test of courage. I will see you then. Remember to stay starchy my friend!

  • I feel very "No" about potatoes:

    There are a few things that I feel "No" about and potatoes are one of them. I enjoy them, they taste delicious, and they are somewhat nutritious, but I still have this lingering feeling of "No" for some reason whenever I partake in ingesting such a food. I'm going through therapy.

  • I'm just not feeling it

    I have no problem with potatoes existing or being consumed by others. However, personally I do not find potatoes that interesting. For a vegetable, they are rather high in calories and not very flavorsome nor as nutrient rich as many other vegetables, such as broccoli.
    Flavor can be added through spices, as founded in Indian and Mexican cuisine. However, a lot of conventional ways of making potatoes more exciting involves deep frying, adding butter or mayo which is not too healthy.

  • The Great Irish Potato Genocide of 1845

    Let me tell you a story about history folks. Irishmen once thought something called the potato would be the future of their nation. The bought them from the America's, where they soon became a cheap food source and cash crop. But that was what the potatoes wanted. They fooled the Irishmen into an over reliance on the potato, which was stage 2 in their plan. The final stage involved a complete removal from the economy, starving 100'000's of Irish. Forever remembered as the Great Irish Potato Genocide of 1845

  • Not good eaten alone

    I love French fries and all but potatoes alone, yuck! It feels kinda weird in your mouth too. What's even worse? At my school they serve fries made out of freakin raw potatoes! I don't really like baked potatoes either, so there you have it. What else should I say?

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Formerland1 says2014-08-02T22:34:25.183
That's odd I often feel very "yes " about potatoes .
ChosenWolff says2014-08-03T08:12:57.743
Potatoes are killers
AnnoyingBrother says2016-02-13T14:04:51.437