How do you feel about Social Justice Warriors on Tumblr?

Asked by: theoneandonlykas
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  • Bhahaha ahahahaha hahahahhhaaahahahaha

    Social justice warriors... What even. By calling themselves social justice warriors they imply that no one else want a socially justice society. This therefore creates more segregation which ironically is the thing that SJWs don't want. Also, they over exaggerate everything taking everything as an insult and literally having no sense of humor.
    They generalize themselves as being the head of a particular culture or community and take whatever offensively when in reality the community don't really seem to care too much.

  • It isn't real social justice in the first place.

    I fail to see how their "activism" is good for anything. They just take any opinion that is different from their own as a personal attack. They throw really offensive insults around like it's nothing, but then turn around and claim the word "stupid" is a slur. Internet activism needs to stop.

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